Jedelas's Story Thread

Since I started one on a clan forum, why not on Aloha?

This is a thread where I’ll be updating whatever stories I’ve updated with along with artworks and such. There’s a high possibility this will be necro’d since there’s an indefinite length between updates but if you’re interested in this kind of stuff, feel free to follow!

Current story project:
My Gender’s Been Reversed!(問題!俺の性別が逆になっています!)
Chapters: 8

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Genres: Gender-Bend, Comedy, Romance, Highschool, (Somewhat)Supernatural.
Summary:Hikari Tachibana was born with feminine looks and a feminine voice but he was a boy. But when he was paying a visit to the local shrine, he ate a fruit that cursed any mortal being who eats it! So now, he turns to a she and with no leads as to how to cure herself, she must adapt a new way of living!
*Currently in Manga/Light novel form.

Fanfiction: Kuroko no Basuke: Teiko’s Princess
Chapters: 4
Artworks: N/A
Genres: Sports, Drama, Romance
Summary: She was saved from being taken to the orphanage by the Akashi family, saved from despair by the family’s only son through a sport. Now years after, they were ready to enter the most prestigious middle school in Tokyo but had found the rules and customs of this school rather cold and colorless. But once she entered, would it change? Fem!Kuroko no pairings yet.

It is looking pretty good so far

Updated! chapter 3 has been posted!

Nice drawing :slight_smile:

New chapter up!問題-俺の性別が逆になっています


Edit: Also, here’s a placeholder cover art for the story.

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Necro’s the thread

I’m updating!

Made an album on imgur where I’ll keep updating with newer sketches and artworks on the story!

Awesome sketches you got there :o
I cant wait for the next part

Seems like Jedelas has a talent for these kinds of stuff.

Chapter 5 is out!



Sorry for double-posting/necroing BUT

Chapter 6 is out! Ergh, this chapter is reaaaallly giving me a worry since I think I messed up big time on this! Really appreciate some opinions!問題-俺の性別が逆になっています

Hope you enjoy!

I have a story about Jedelas but it’s NSFW so I can’t share it.

why do you think you messed up?

you didn’t necro by the way.

I’m kinda worried that the scenes in the latest chapter seems out of place. Plus I’ve been strucking writer’s block after writer’s block which is really hindering my writing. You could clearly see parts where it feels way too rushed and other parts a bit too descriptive.

New Chapter Uploaded!

Read and enjoy! Comments and opinions are appreciated!

Nevermind, it works now

New Fanfiction posted for the anime ‘Kuroko no Basuke’!

Oh, interisting. Ill have to watch the anime first

Update! Fanfiction second chapter’s up!

Reason this one is updating faster is because this seemed to get more attention than my original work. :\ But anyway, tell me what you guys think!

Third chapter for Teiko’s Princess has been uploaded!

Comments are appreciated!

And yet again, another update on the KnB fanfic! Chapter 4!

Enjoy! Comments are much appreciated!