Ive been banned but I dont remember any vote

I don’t know why I was banned because I don’t remember any voting whatsoever and I don’t hack mostly due to the fact that I have very basic computer skills. I don’t know what happened can you fix this?

Username, Muffin Attack

Yea, You were votekicked for greifing. You left in the middle of the votekick.

I dont remember griefing, I was actually helping build a building by adding white tiles to a blue building.
I remember someone was throwing grenades. Then my computer freaked and I left because I had to restart my compuer.

Well, its only a 30 min ban so you dont have to worry.

The person who votekicked you didn’t agree, obviously.

2012-12-26 17:46:35-0800 [-] <***> /votekick muffin attack grief 2012-12-26 17:46:38-0800 [-] <***> /gc muf -> [b]Muffin Attack removed 30 blocks in the last 2 minutes[/b]. Some of them were placed by Muffin Attack, Jonathan, FACEMCSHOOTY, Light, SHOFWAN. Last one was destroyed 20 seconds ago, and belonged to FACEMCSHOOTY. Muffin Attack is 62 tiles away from 02Jonathan, who started the votekick.

Anyway, next time wait 30 minutes before posting, and read the text that you deleted from the form before you posted this.