It's good Friday!

It’s good Friday today!
What have you guys planned?
I don’t celebrate good Friday, but I kind of do in a way!
How bout you guys?!

You don’t celebrate it, but you do? What?

In my religion we do not believe Jesus is gods son/nor do we believe that Jesus died on a cross therefor it is forbidden to use the ‘cross’ symbol. We DO NOT celebrate it as if it is just good Friday. For us every Friday is a GREAT Friday.
Eh. I’ll be nice. HINT my religion is blamed for everything and everyone hates us.

I celebrate it with voluntary crucifixion.


I celebrate friday by miawing, going home and not doing my homework

you must be a jew. but anyways I celebrate good friday with chocolates and a lot of kills.

Great, racism.

Nope, in fact my religion hates Jews. Long ago they were little pieces of shit to us, we had long battles and crap. Not to be racist. Also on April Fools Day they’d do pranks that they would prank us by killing one of us. They were enemy’s, and had plotted to kill who we believe in like some of you believe in, Jesus. Although they failed.


Shouldnt have said so much :o

I used to do that everyday and got in big trouble lololol.

Seems like the genial type that induces progress in the world.


since there is a long history of jewish persecution i thought about it, racism is not intended really.