It's been a while, a LONG while


It’s been 7 years. I genuinely can’t believe so much time has passed. Most of you probably don’t remember me, but I was that really annoying & immature little kid that went by the username “Acetheking”. After cringing at my old posts and threads, I thought I’d check back on this game and forum since it’s been a VERY long time, and it seems like people still play it (which is great)! Anyways, tl;dr I’m 16 now, no longer new to the Internet, way more mature than back then, and my English is no longer absolutely broken. I remember a lot, buncha fellas, events, etc.

Anyways, hello, it’s been such a long time!
(P.S FerrariFlunker if you’re reading this, man, you were one of the most chill people I met back then)

Hey man long time no see, I only remember your name but glad to see you’re doing good! Hit us up in discord some time.

Great to hear from you again! I second what Monky said, I hope you can join us on Discord!


Thanks! Makes sense you don’t remember much about me except for my username, actually kinda glad to be honest. It’s been a lot of time. I was pretty much a huge trouble-maker, and way too young to be that involved on the Internet. Anyways, I’ll join the discord so we could catch up!

ferrari old :wink:

Welcome back, son!