Is Torch banned?

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?
    I was informed by a guard that it was a ban.

  2. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.
    [Rev] Torch

  3. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on servers.

  4. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.
    The guard told me I was banned for ESP

  5. Why should you be unbanned?
    Because I didn’t use ESP and my gun models are pistols and extremely tiny. Less than one block wide for the smg and shotgun skins and only two blocks big for the rifle. There was no babel via a server glitch. No client modifications have been made. I was using the normal aos client on Ubuntu. This no babel problem has happened only once before as I remember. My internet has been terrible recently so that could explain it.

If no babel via server glitch is a bannable offense I was not made aware of it or even warned by any of the present admins/guards on the server. I’ve never seen it on any ban appeal here, but I haven’t read every single one.

The no babel esp claim only applies to the video clip at the 1:12ish mark.

The other time when I “snap” to the guy behind the tree is because the guy just killed me there on my previous life and I saw he ran behind it from the deathcam where you can tilt around.

If you have any other timestamps in particular you would like me to explain feel free to post them and question.

  1. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.
    22nd of June, 2016 11pmish.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Torch I banned you. To start off, innocent until proven guilty. But this is serious and a lot of staff as well as users are going to weigh in on this topic.

Here’s the video. (Hahah you cannot hear Two talking because different audio channel)

Okay almost off the bat, within 30 seconds, you look at 3 people almost directly without being in range. You are able to locate people relatively fast, which also got my attention. But the kicker, as pointed out as Nathan, was that last little look through the floor from 1:00-1:10, and you even shot at that person, according to him, which I didn’t even notice at the time. You were looking at people through walls, and targeting people who were blended in relatively decently. I’ve seen your skins and they don’t exactly have big pink targets on them. Please explain these looks at people? It is very suspicious.

I’d like to point out how ESP is a very hard hack to prove. Not that you guys don’t do a good job, but a 1 and a half minute video isn’t exactly that fair to me. You’re not factoring in the fact I already had been playing on the map for awhile and knew where people were hiding and going frequently. Also, I’m a high sens player, so please keep that in mind for any quick movements to random spots in the video.

At 1:10, like I said there was no babel for me this match. It is a glitch that was not caused by tampering with the client in anyway. As I’ve stated, I have no reason to hack. I’m good enough without any need for “aid”.

The guy at the front of the tower I snap to at 0:06 had been shooting at me for longer than the time I was looking at him directly. I was just reacting, I don’t honestly remember if I had saw his tracer or what it was, but it’s not like it’s not a perfect place for a person to hide anyways. It’s like a weird grey cocoon.

For the “locating people fast”, I’ve been playing this game for awhile and I out of habit frequently check places people would be hiding.

EDIT: Also, for an “ESP” ban it’s very unfair that there is no ingame sounds.

To point out, you just admitting to glitching which is JUST AS BANNABLE. Even when that happens you are supposed to relog. You were using it as your aid, which is why Road was votekicking you. So still, even if that is true, bannable. I’m also additionally going to point out your votekick was pointed at you for shooting at people through the floor of the heaven. You are NOT SUPPOSED TO USE GLITCHES TO YOUR ADVANTAGE AT ALL. No matter how accidental. You admitted to glitching, which is still a bannable offense. This is becoming the more likely subject of your ban. People have been permabanned for glitching, Torch, but you did admit to it so I will remember that.

I will point out even with that glitch, you were pretty far from that person. Like even with him glitching through the floor, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE SEEN HIM. You looked right at him without even dropping your aim. In the beginning, you went over people who were hidden which way beyond your range. I get the whole location thing, but you have to realize, I’ve watched you play before and you weren’t locating people as fast as you were there. You may have been playing the game for a while but there were people who had consistently stopped going that way, I get the whole scanning the area thing, but you seriously should not have looked directly at those people. I’ve seen it happen accidentally, but that looked very VERY fishy.

However, seeing as the main argument has drifted to glitching instead of ESP, I will focus on that. You admitted to glitching, which you are guilty of. Promise not to do that again, and relog if it happens. You played knowing you had an unfair advantage and you were being votekicked for it. I will let you off as long as you promise not to glitch again.

Not all glitches are bannable offenses. There is no list that states what glitches are and aren’t. People nade glitch all day on arena and aren’t banned for it, because it’s not a bannable offense. Yes, I was aware of the glitch. It’s kinda hard to miss the babel missing. I had spent 5 minutes trying to join the server before that though, so I wasn’t exactly keen on “relogging” only to wait another 5 minutes because the spot was filled. If I was aware or even warned by an admin that no babel is a bannable offense I would’ve stopped. I was not given that courtesy nor is it widely known on the forum. I was very much aware there were admins on the server, I’m not stupid enough to hack on a server full of admins.

All snaps, etc. are simply coincidence besides the Babel one as I’ve stated. I do not ESP or use any hack of any kind.

If the babel glitch is a bannable offense can you point me to somewhere or place that would’ve informed me of that? It’s rather unfair to be banned for something you didn’t even know was a bannable offense. If there isn’t a thread that lists this, I think it only be fair that a thread be created that lists what glitches are allowed and which ones aren’t.

Nathan was banned for it, in fact there was a ban check that was performed that revealed lots of glitching bans, probably including ones from shooting people through the floor. It’s even been pointed out, and it gave you an advantage that a lot of other people didn’t have. You’ve been a long time player. YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. Glitching is bannable. Spadenade and ZBlock are available to everyone. The heaven falling in babel is very rare and not available to everyone. You should have known better, you’re no idiot. You are a trusted player and you are not being responsible at all by glitching and trying to make excuses for it. I thought you were more mature than this, man. You’re not stupid, so you should have known “Oh shit that’s not supposed to happen” and re-logged, regardless of your waiting time. It looks bad on us that a trusted user glitched unfairly and used it to their advantage.

Nathan was banned for it here. I know there are other examples, Torch.


You contradict yourself.

Spadenade and Zblock are not available to OS users. So no it is not available to everyone. The no babel glitch is however available to everyone if everyone connected and disconnected till the glitch randomly happened. So your logic really doesn’t make sense there.

It is not “common sense” that one glitch is allowed to be exploited and another not be. Nadeglitching is a huge advantage on CS maps.

Once again, I was under the impression that glitches from unmodified clients were accepted as all the other glitches I know of ARE allowed. If I Zblock glitch and see someone below me you better bet I’m not just going to ignore them and I’m going to go dig down and kill them. It’s part of the .75 client and/or server. It is not my fault that the glitch happened. I only used it as literally almost 95% of other people would have. Only people that have been banned for this specific glitch or knew of this specific glitch being bannable would have not used it.

Maturity has nothing to do with killing people like I normally do in a dead block game without hacking.

I would like to ask what exactly is accomplished with this ban?

A player that never hacks gets banned from the community for a glitch that can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME?

No warning was issued? Was the punishment met with equal force to the crime?

Do you permaban someone who randomly starts spamming? Usually they just get a mute. That solves the problem. If they continue to evade the mute then usually a temp ban is put in order.

So why wasn’t I simply kicked? That would’ve solved the problem. If I came back and continued to do the same thing then that would’ve proven I was actually using a hack. Why wasn’t an ESP trap setup for the initial conclusion that I was ESP’ing? Why didn’t one of the numerous admins online just say “hey, the no babel glitch is a bannable offense, please stop using it.”

Why hasn’t a script been created that auto-kicks you if you are shooting through the babel or for that matter shooting through any sort of block if you actually are using a wallhack of some sort?

I tend to edit because I sometimes post too quickly, regardless, you are unbanned.

Ironically, I edited out the edit comment, because I realized I was editing mine as well and didn’t want to be hypocritical. It’s not in your quote. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for unbanning me, but I don’t think that solves anything besides letting one player continue to play the game. Are there even remote plans for the development of an auto-kick script or a pinned thread to address this issue?

Hue hue hue :slight_smile:

So… because of Torch used this “heaven fall” to his advantage… he got banned?
To be honest I almost thought that it can’t be anything else but hack… I haven’t seen this glitch before

The fact that he even uses glitches to give him an advantage is pathetic.

Torch you should have known better. Shame on you, you even saw Nope say reconnect. You even jokingly said it was unfair. Do not play innocent like that again (thank you Kyzaca for finding that)

Kek, everyone always says they would do “what is right” when it’s not them who is in the trial chamber. I honestly didn’t know it was a bannable offense.

That was almost two months ago, honestly I didn’t remember ever seeing or posting in that. I have way more important exams and papers I’ve been doing in the meantime that require more brainspace than a random thread on a forum. I did not play “dumb”. And once again, it was never mentioned in that thread that it was a bannable offense. If it was it probably would’ve been burned into my memory, since I don’t do things that I know will get me banned. Also, once again if I thought it was a bannable offense I wouldn’t have done it on a server I knew was full of admins especially when I saw some random guy get banned about 10 minutes earlier before I got banned. The conflict could’ve simply been resolved by just “kicking” me or nicely (even meanly) mentioning in chat that what I was doing was a bannable offense and to stop or to relog. I concur with what other people have said to me that a ban was over the top. I do believe a little bit of NaCl might’ve been involved in such a strict punishment and almost gut reaction (1:30 spec for ESP??? no ESP trap???) though so I can understand why it might’ve been as hasty seeming as it was. :stuck_out_tongue: I was the highest score and had killed the B Squad several times at that point. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also, I’d like to point out with the short recording. You missed the juicy parts of me using the glitch to my advantage earlier. That’s why when Two told me “to be honest” in Skype chat I told him I had had no babel. I thought you guys had recorded the part where I was actually using the glitch to kill people. By the time that clip was recorded I had realized that I actually was killing people server side because I didn’t believe it was actually doing that and figured it was a client side glitch telling me I had killed people when I didn’t and had actually stopped abusing the glitch by that point. That’s why I was walking to the other side to kill people at their tower instead of shooting at people in the heavens. If you had specced for a little bit longer you would’ve seen me stop if what I say is true or you would’ve gotten much juicier evidence to ban me with.

I would agree that the work and especially learning for exams on college is sometimes really though and would say that Torch just wanted to have some fun… it’s not easy to care about so many things if you’re on college or uni.
I know that this is an unfair advantage… on the other hand I was in similar situation like Torch and I didn’t want to deal with anything else than my study obligations…

I’ll give you some C19H28O2 since you feel this ban came from NaCl.

First of all,

What do we consider abuse? Cheating Aimbot, wallhack, glitching, speedhack etc Unfair play Griefing, repeated teamkilling, votekick abuse, etc. Misuse of trust Admin abuse of commands, abuse of trusted status, etc
Sure you're going to argue that it doesn't say that we ban on these abuse accounts but we expect players to use common sense and know that we will ban if they break these simple rules.
The conflict could've simply been resolved by just "kicking" me or nicely (even meanly) mentioning in chat that what I was doing was a bannable offense and to stop or to relog.
There's absolutely no way on our end to differentiate from this and ESP, it's a client-side glitch that we don't control.
I do believe a little bit of NaCl might've been involved in such a strict punishment and almost gut reaction (1:30 spec for ESP??? no ESP trap???) though so I can understand why it might've been as hasty seeming as it was. :P I was the highest score and had killed the B Squad several times at that point. ^_^
No idea why you would suspect it is because the B Squad was salty as you were indeed using an unfair advantage and you were unwilling to fix the glitch because no one told you to. I would've banned you for 7 days for glitching because you clearly knew that what you were doing was an unfair advantage, you just didn't have the common sense to know that it was bannable.
It is not "common sense" that one glitch is allowed to be exploited and another not be. Nadeglitching is a huge advantage on CS maps.
We do not allow nadeglitching, report them in the abuse reports and they will receive a ban.
I only used it as literally almost 95% of other people would have. Only people that have been banned for this specific glitch or knew of this specific glitch being bannable would have not used it.
Even if you knew that it was an unfair advantage, you could've maybe asked if it was bannable? "/admin I'm missing babel, can I be banned for this"

Sure if you were never known of this glitch, never knew the solution to the glitch, and didn’t know what was happening then sure it would seem unfair to ban you but it is quite the opposite here. If you have any future questions about glitches, it’s best to ask an admin about it before abusing it heavily in a game.

I see you didn’t really READ but just read.

I’ll restate. I did not know this SPECIFIC glitch was bannable. It’s not a common sense correlation. Everyone thinks their own sense is “common”. So that is irrelevant.

I did not think the B squad was salty in their accusing me of anything, but how hasty everything was. I was told “torch be honest…” several times before banned. No one said “Hey why are you esp’ing? Why are you hacking?” I do realize that that is merely a courtesy and that a ban is in order if the admins believe they have enough evidence, but only 1:30 of evidence? Really? I could’ve very easily have said nothing about no babel and just merrily discarded that time I looked at the guy in the babel as just luck/coincidence. There was no effort for an ESP trap or even solid proof of ESP. If it wasn’t for me being honest you actually have NO solid proof of me hacking or glitching at all on video. So, yes even though it is an assumption that some NaCl was involved and I don’t believe it factored into the actual need for a punishment, I do believe it did affect the severity and hastiness of the punishment.

You are being foolish in saying “we do not allow nadeglitching” when literally Monsta a few posts ago said that nadeglitching WAS allowed. Please don’t spread nonsensical lies.

Did you not read? I said I had forgotten completely about the no babel glitch that monsta had posted. And once again, by the time the video clip was recorded I had confirmed my initial curiosity of proving whether I was actually killing people or if it was just another glitch saying that I had killed people when I hadn’t and I had stopped killing people on the babel. I didn’t “heavily abuse” a glitch. I killed less than 10 people max with it. It’s not like I was on the server for hours “wallhacking” with it, so please take your biased self elsewhere.