increase the strength of blocks built by players in Tower of Babel?

to me, it seems like Tower of Babel generally lacks builders and it’s too easy for attackers to tear up the efforts of those builders.

this is a proposal to double the strength of all blocks built by players, which means player-built blocks would have to be hit/shot twice as many times to be destroyed. doing so would promote the core concept of the game mode (to uh, you know, build!) while still allowing all of the gameplay elements that currently exist.

curious to know your thoughts…

I could see this helping with tower building. Usually players have been (at least when im on) build weak towers that don’t have support. These are taken down easily with smgs.

The only thing I think would be bothersome is non-tower blocks (ie, grief, etc).

Would the strength be the same for all weapons?

Haven’t played Babel in a while, but if block strength is upped, I’d recommend that spade and nade damage be the same, having to hit a block 4 times is no fun.

I would agree about spade. Not sure about nades.

I honestly don’t like this change, that would change the game and strategies. The game is perfect as it is now IMHO.

This change would make the game simpler, dumb it down a little bit. New players would be able to build solid towers, it will bridge the gap between regular players and veteran players.

i can predict:
faster games
Repairing won’t be as important.
Building easier for newcomers (or as i like to call them: noobs like ei8thx :P). This is actually a good thing.


But yea, I kinda agree with Nope. Tower construction will fundamentally change and it’ll become more of a crappy tower race than something solid and well constructed.

On a similar note: how would we script this? Block damage is done client side, and the only way I can see this working is if a block can be removed normally and then instantly replaced (or have it’s on_remove ignored and an HP decremented instead). This means we’d have to scale the strength by what it is now: ie: for the smg it’d be multiples of 3 shots: 3, 6, 9, etc.

0.76 has the smg damage nerfed to 4 shots per block and I don’t like this at all, even if it’s just 1 more shot.

EDIT: Perhaps a compromise would be to have it set per map via the mapname.txt file. I still don’t care for it though.

Perhaps a trial run? like a couple days to see how gameplay plays out?

this could work when there was no such a thing as drag-building. for example, when you find yourself in situations when you’re the only one actively trying to take the enemy tower down, and after some time (and tries) there remains like 1-15 blocks to remove a larger part of their stairs - you run outta ammo. by the time they kill you, the respawn time and having to get there once more, or before you get back to your base in order to refill and come back again, the gap would be already filled in, so you would have to repeat that all over again, on your own, with not necessarily better results. that really happens a lot, at least to me (with usually 1 block left 8) 8) 8)). if the change was to be introduced, i imagine that it would be even a bigger pain in the ass than it already is

i think the problem lies with a poor defence (sometimes it takes a longer time for people to actually notice that there is somebody shooting/spading their tower down – even if you’re doing it in the open, without any sort of cover) and how the builders/attackers proportions within each team look like, i.e. when one of the teams has 6+ builders, the other can at the same time have 1 or simply none (team mostly composed of attackers, people building artwork for art companies, afk’s, randoms dicking around, pink block fags, etc.)

let alone, smg is OP when it comes to block destroying when no one bothers to defend (that is, if your team has got some sort of a tower at all), honestly

tl;dr: no

ops voted yes instead of no

I think people would become less focused on building actually (the way I see it), as long as you build a good enough supported bridge all you have to do is keep the enemy away.

The way the gamemode is now, you have to keep in mind everything that could happend. I lost count of how many balanced games I’ve done and how many epic turn arounds I’ve been apart of.

sorry for bad english, I didn’t even try

As a builder, I have lately had a streak of well built tower being torn down.
The reasons:

  1. Massive attacks by well coordinated enemy
  2. Very bad team balance, which remains bad over multiple games
  3. “Team players” griefing the staircase, leaving me digging in order to get to the problem area.

Lately a combination of all 3 seems common. I suspect that 3. at times are people joining “enemy” in order to help “own” team.
Alltogether frustrating, but I am unsure whether stronger blocks can fix it (pondered this one myself).
Shorter respawn time could help. Waiting 14 s while tower is getting griefed is horrible.

Main item would be to have well balanced teams… Maybe forcing more new players into a team that is loosing and has less players might help.

Maybe assigning more new players to team with less kills in current game and less intel gatherings can help balancing teams?

it would be a good idea against smg, but for us who use the rifle to destroy the enemy tower would be horrible to spend 4 shots in only one block :s

Griefing with rifle? Sorry to tell you but, you’re doing it wrong.

oh no, it´s so fun when the enemy tower can be destroy by only one person with a rifle :stuck_out_tongue:

You can silently and easily destroy 1-block thick towers with rifles, perfect for surgical strikes/cuts
…so yeah you can grief with rifles too.


Rifle is much better for poorly built towers, imo.
IDK how to make things better without making them more complicated. Right now block-breaking is determined by where YOU are and not where the block you are breaking is.

So right now, a blue player can only shoot blocks while inside the green and yellow areas, and can only dig while inside the blue areas.
Maybe have it so a blue player can always shoot blue-area blocks (while still never breaking red-area), but can still only shoot green/yellow-area blocks when east of the blue line.
That way attackers won’t be able to rely on invincible cover as much. (This might not work well with every map though)

Alternately: make the red and yellow areas a little bigger and keep the shooting restriction ONLY on those two areas. IE: all of the blue/green areas are always shootable to everyone.
(the red/yellow areas would need to be bigger to protect towers that currently start outside the zones)

To clarify: both of these options would allow you to shoot blocks on your side, from your side. If you’re on your tower and can see an enemy’s bullets, you would be able to destroy the blocks where he is with your gun and grenades.

blue can dig inside the green and yellow areas too, but not inside the red area.

i think this would work!

why is an blu sight bigger then gren?! declinorin :wink: 8) ;D

ps.seems k i guess

that’s looking from blue’s perspective.

when looking from the other team’s perspective, the rules are flipped and thus equally applied:

usually am ultra-conservative when it comes to altering babel game mechanics :P, but that sounds great