Inactive minutes

Please increase the 10 to 20 or more because every time i eat dinner, lunch, and breakfast I get kicked. When that happens I wasted my time. So please increase the amount.

Thank you.

If the time were increased to 20 minutes, I think that would hurt the servers more than help them.

Maybe 15

That’s up to someone higher than me. But, my opinion stays the same, when I go to eat I just exit the browser, eat, then go get back on.

Although that’s just me, my belief is that my team deserves to have someone that’s participating, than someone who’s afk taking up space.

We already have people that go afk and jiggle the mouse and pop a shot off to stay in game doing nothing. I observed a guy doing it for an hour I eventually kicked him because he was causing a disturbance with other players and doing nothing.

Yes, I agree, you should just leave the game because you could be holding up players who want to get in the game. You take an extra slot and you waste their time, not yours.

There is no auto kickafk with the exception of arena servers, which are 10 minutes. All other servers are done manually by the staff, who individually decide the time. I usually do 15 minutes, then go down to 10, 5, 4, 3,… Most of the staff do it in full servers to free up space to people who want to play and not idle.

I definitely agree with this. The point of the AFK kicker is to kick people who are taking up space on a server and not playing. It is specifically to stop people from leaving and eating lunch/dinner and coming back.