important aloha changes

hello everyone
we have big problem on aloha, this is people who think it is ok to curse all the time
there are many children who play on aloha, also many religious. it is not ok to swear, this people do not like it
i suggest a new script were any offensive words automute you, such as “fuck”, “shit”, “nigger”, “spic”, “ass”, many more
guys please this is big problem many players think it is cool to curse but it is not cool it is mean and unfriendly
thanks for reading guys hopefully we can make aloha a better place

Little kids hear cuss words all the time

They gotta man up and stop bein a bitch

This is fucking bullshit, i don’t care for those giant useless cloat suckers spazz monkeys cousin fuckers, they are all a failed abortion whose birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory. Fucking dumbasses ruining the gamestreaks with votekicks just cause “words hurts”.
Wow, fuck 'em, if they don’t like, just don’t read the godamn chat, profit.

what the frick man this is unacceptable the words you have used in this
i have censored them because i am not comfortable to even quote such word
please rethink again what you are doing, it is probably there are childrean that have read your mean comment
maybe aloha will ban you for this behaviour, be careful please and dont curse again because that will make me sad

haha quick brown fox that is a funny meme, or as some kids would call it a “dank meme”
but anyway to those kids i want to apologize because the word i used can be offensive to some people, like maybe the christians that you mention in that meme, i let my anger get the best of me and i said a bad word so i am sorry guys i will try to not let this happen again because i am the one who originally said that we should not be cursing so i should not curse as well
sorry for being a bad example but maybe we can learn from this together and be careful of what words we say

i don’t give a godamn fuck

Orkshit being br

i dont understand roberto, are you suggesting that orkmats behaviour is normal for a brazilian but not for other ethinicity? this sounds like a racist thing to say, i hope this is not what you mean because racism is very mean and worse even than cursing, which you also did in your comment, maybe if you apologize i can forgive you for this

Orkmat is my fren , pls we both joke about our country

lmao that can’t be even true

I don’t even think profanity is cool. I also joke about my country because it makes alot of bad shit, Like Genesis on FoxFilipino. Why the fuck were we chosen to safe the world from a bunch of asteroids?

Personally, I would not mind if profane comments were automuted.
Yes- freedom of speech etc - but I think that having a bunch of adolecents throwing around words that are intended to hurt others really detracts from game quality.

An auto-mute combined with a list of words would be easy to set up and relatively easy to avoid (like pr0n), but at least some noobs would be filtered away (person writing automuted comments must not know that the comment was automuted).

Even my own occacional cursing could do with a -bleep-.

The only thing we would consider automuting for would be racism. Even then, I dont like the idea. You’re acting like you’re helpless when someone starts abusing the chat. Contact an admin, votekick the person, or just ignore them. If you can’t censor a playground you’ll never be able to censor a game chat. It doesn’t matter how many filters we add someone will always find a way through.

If one of those players that is abusing the chat is trusted then contact an admin and we’ll look in to it. We keep logs of everything said in game. They very well could lose their votekick protection If they are abusing their trusted status.

Simply put, we don’t want to micromanage everybodys attitude and chat habits. We are not your parents. Really what you’re asking is for everybody to be punished for the actions of a few immature players. That’s not going to happen.

I agree with your sentiment.
I was considering a very limited list containing mainly a commonly used word for people with highly pigmented skin, and a too much used word denoting people of judaistic faith… (though the latter might swallow general discussions as well).
Votekicks do not work on these guys (they hardly work on cheaters). Messages to Admin only work sometimes. Seeing the explicit replies the OP got, I felt that some support was in place.

I do not mind trash talk in general. Some of it can be quite fun. However I think that the racial / religious items above can be enough to bully these groups of people away from playing, and that is NOT the game experience I wish to be a part of.

The biggest problem we have with the vk system is people abusing it. A legitimate player is just as likely to be votekicked as a hacker. Most people only care that the kill feed is full of a name and the votekick’s reason is “hacker”. There isnt a lot we can do about that. Even still, ill talk to the staff about lowering vk requirments a bit. It seems like every legit vk is almost always 3 or 4 votes short. The result will probably be more trusted apps but thats not a bad thing. Itll give incentive for players to earn trusted in place of being immature.

As mentioned before; Maybe scale votes by trusted players / allowing them to vote /n

Other item is to add votebuild, where one can only votebuild team-mates and where the vote only counts the votes by the guys the same team as the votee.

The latter item is much less controversial, because it will be hard to abuse, and because it does not result in a kick, leaving the player to continue playing as a shooter rather than a builder / griefer. I do not understand why this has not been attempted yet.

Going from there… a votemute could be a fun idea to toss around :).

While we’re at it…

There can be a /votesmg for someone to not be able to use the SMG.
There can be a /votekill for someone to not be able to kill anyone.
There can be a /votevote for someone to not be able to vote.


In my opinion, less is more for these situations. If you don’t want someone to be griefing, talking, etc, just initiate a votekick. No need for other types of votes.

We’ve been discussing as staff to tweak votekicks to make them more reliable for players. Hopefully, if the changes are made, we should see more legitimate votekicks go through.

we’re still waiting for the very needed changes in trusted system: trusted+, trusted-, trusted_mute, trusted_togglebuild, trusted_kill, trusted_kick, trusted_fog_colour_change, trusted_disco, trusted_advance, trusted_cancel, trusted_from, trusted_goto, trusted_inv, trusted_ban_the_actual_admin, trusted_ip, trusted_kickafk, trusted_switch, trusted_teleport, trusted_trust, trusted_aloha_admins_are_gay, trusted_nukeserver, etc. You get the idea.

I think there’s a resurgence of anti-multi-trusted-system because at this point in time aloha has not yet learned how to be multi trusted, and I think we’re gonna be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. aloha is not going to be a monolithic community “hurr durr im an admin and know better” that it once was in the last few years. Super smart players with great ideas are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for aloha to make. It is now going into a multi-trusted system mode, and super smart players with great ideas will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, aloha will not survive.

VoteMute was a joke…

A VoteBuild that works like ToggleBuild WOULD make sense.
While crap-taliking CAN be ignored, a player that griefs tower or tent in Babel can destroy multiple rounds of gameplay. (And this DOES happen, often without an admin around to sort the issue)
And way too often, the opposing team could not care to votekick the griefer, either because they do not see the problen (can not verify it), or because they get the advantage from it.

The admins are reluctant to tweak the votekick - which I can understand, A votebuild, howeever, would allow the griefing issue to be handled more easily, and the two commenterss above attempt to kill the idea by ridicule, rather than by actual argumentation. Give me good arguments against it, and I will consider my point of view.