Im sorry aloha community

I got banned for using aimbot in game. I am truly sorry and will not repeat my mistake. Hopefully you guys can consider unbanning me. mark my words, when I say that I wont hack anymore. Thank you.

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Hey! I am the admin who was banning you!

Usually we require ban appealers to fill out some form, so therefore I am asking you for an answer to one of the remaining questions from there: 5) Why should you be unbanned?

Thanks in advance, Rakete

Hello Rakete, thanks for responding to my appeal.

       Once again, I am sorry for wasting your time on getting me banned, but here is my reasoning for you to unban me from Aloha servers. I would like to be unbanned for basic reasons like, being able to play on Aloha servers again to a more detailed reason that may benefit Aloha admins, the players that play on these servers as well as me. My detailed reasoning is that I can help find other exploiters on the Aloha servers such as CTF and Babel. I can help in votekicking them from a match if I am sure that they are using exploits and I can also bring another active player to the community. This helps admins because they would have to read lesser and lesser ban appeals as time goes, and the players that love the servers, get one less hacker on the platform. Thank you for reading my reasonings and I hope you can unban me after reading this. 

Sincerely, Agent-22

Alright! I asked for your reasoning only for the record.
To me it seems like you have good intentions and that you regret your hacking.
Now before I unban you I want to ask you to delete all kinds of Ace of Spades hacks. After you do this step your ban will be lifted.

Keep in mind that if we catch you cheating again on one of the Aloha servers it will negatively impact another ban appeal.

SIncerely, Rakete


Thank you for reading my appeal, and I just removed the hacks from my PC. Hopefully I never have to come back to the “Appeal Your Ban” section again.

Gratefully, Agent-22

Alright! You are now unbanned. Have fun in the game! :blush:


Thanks a lot Rakete! I will make sure that I never hack again.

Sincerely, Agent-22

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