I'm leaving?

Well I haven’t been on lately… Mostly because Minecraft is still better than AOS… IMO anyways :slight_smile:

So I guess this is a farewell? I will be poking on now and then though, and probably more once the Minecraft server’s up :stuck_out_tongue:

SO CYA NERDS! jks :wink:


It’s the heroine talking not him. 8)

I’m drug free bro… At least I think I am… hehehe

Well… TBH I was never really into shooting games… Then my Minecraft “broke”, so i started playing AOS, then Jagex started killing it, and I found Aloha… so yea

PS. my guard app was never replied to xD

I like how it’s the crazy woman hero in him…heroin not heroine lol.

Also laters Pokeyz. Enjoy Minecraftia.

That’s my junk you’re stepping on Juxta, get off it. 8)

We all need to stop drinking hooch.

Since you are leaving, I hope Herobrine will come and get you…mwhahahahahaha

PSHHH believing in Herobrine is for sissys
I believe in hackers. Those are the hardcore ones, but pretty noob in a way.