im banned for nothing

im banned for nothing admins please help i made 1 headshot and im banned

  1. last server was intel rpg
  2. only i playing AOS in my family
  3. no one uses my internet connection

You’re not banned? You are playing right now?

There’s a difference between a votekick which is a temp ban and an actual server ban.

If you were votekick banned it’s just temporary. If you were haxxoring, you should probably stop because sooner or later you’ll get server banned. Then you’ll be a sad little monkey.

If you weren’t haxxoring…deal with it. Try not to egg on these little kids especially on a full or near full server because you’re more likely to get VK’d, fair or not.

If you have anything to say for yourself, it doesn’t hurt or maybe it does…I dunno. Someone tried to votekick me earlier tonight on Babel. I pointed out on Global that I was standing 2 feet behind them on their own stairs with an SMG. That’s not aimbotting. A blind man could have gunned them down. Votekick didn’t go through.

Sometimes if you rack up too many kills or score too many points, the majority of these prepubescent children who play from time to time will rage and votekick you for that alone.