everyone got banned for 2 days for hacks (aimbot, esp, nr, ns…) but only me i got banned everytime cuz i used nr and i dont said the truth… so ban me for 2 days…jesus Christ idk what’s going on?are u ok moder?

maybe u understand i used hacks and i dont said the truth so ban me only 2 days,but not everytime when i join (still bugged)

I don’t wanna talk with a person than no accept his error and still evading.


lel where and when i evaded??jesus Christ can u say the time and the date?

Dude you joined an aloha server while you were banned. That is called evading. You didn’t come clean the first time with the no recoil and you are still lying.

So?? I have to wait 1 week??

You have to wait until January 8th from what was said in your last ban appeal.

Lel, 2 weeks…

This ban has been extended permanently at the request of the banning admin. You are no longer welcome on aloha servers (As long as the ban is in effect). Any appeals of this decision are now at the discretion of the banning admin

So? I cant join forever?

It’s a permanent ban bro. Why don’t you just confess to your hacking and play when they let you? Trust me I have more experience than anyone else with respect to getting banned and muted. ALoha staff are very nice guys and gals and if you aplogise and promise that you won’t hack again, they’ll let you play soooner or later.

Unless your banning admin makes a post here stating that the ban has been lifted, yes you are banned permanently. As I have said before, any re-appeals of the banning admin’s decision is at their discretion.