[IDEA] Rifles-only Babel/Rifles-only CS Maps

Kinda annoyed on unbalanced gameplay, But aloha.pk, will you make single weapon-only servers?
I did this for some reason because I’m butthurt when players get to use the SMG everytime.

If you really like this idea to be in some of the aloha.pk servers mostly babel, CS Maps, arenatop10, just be patient.

EDIT: Thanks for the hate comments, didn’t get alot of positive replies on this idea, should have stopped thinking about this earlier.

EDIT 2: I will stop supporting this idea, no more rifles-only babel, rifles-only arenacs, rifles-only push. It’s all up to you guys now.

I gonna Love IT . Lol

First thing a player does when he joins a server where the gameplay is different: he leaves.
I’ve tried rifle only (as well as spade only and shotgun only) arena and csmap servers and no one has ever played long enough to keep it populated.

Yeah, this really only caters to vets. It would be nice and I’d play on it, but I doubt anyone else would, so it would be a very lonely server lol. The SMG spammers populate the servers and give you someone to shoot at at least.

If you’re half decent with the rifle you don’t complain. You just shoot the SMG users with the more accurate weapon.

;((( smg op pls nerf, i cant kil tey jus spray lik nobs and i dy lik nob

I don’t want only rifle… I’ll be sucky then everyone then !

If you’re a good rifle user you could easily out kill the smg users. The only people that complain about smg users are the ones that don’t know how to use the rifle.

also rifle is more op than smg

The SMG can get 15 kills without a reload though which is pretty insane for arena.

The thing with the rifle is it’s better than the SMG only if you get the first shot in and the first shot is a headshot. By the time you would have been able to get off the next shot, the SMGer will have mowed you down.

Rifle is OP if in the right hands, but so is SMG. Even the shotgun can be if you use it properly, but I’ve never seen someone that truly did. In the end, even the spade is op if the person is good enough lol.

EDIT: Later if I have time I’ll figure out the kills-per-second each gun has factoring in reload time to figure out if one of the weapons actually is better.

Ace of Spades: Ping Wars

So we agree there’s a tradeoff, thus its balanced.

I love shotgun, in infriltration use it in OS hardline and go killing madness in green team :3 I like sniping with sg too

I personally have and also seen people using SMG in arena very efficiently to a point where you kill 5 people consistently without reloading. I have also seen people using rifle in arena very efficiently to a point where it is almost pretty much 99.9% headshot guaranteed. However, nothing is as bad as compared to those monsters that pump buckshot into your face the moment you turn around a corner. Those barbarians must be rooted out and publicly executed for their war crimes.

This doesn’t really cater to vets as much as it does to people who think they are better because they use a certain weapon. I like the smg, even playing against it, since it puts you on a clock that you need to kill your opponent by before he sprays you down and so encourages accuracy, as opposed to just crouching all over the place and hoping the other guy gets unlucky and doesn’t headshot you.

Playing with and against rifles all day gets boring fast, trust me. SMGs are cool.

Only vets think that though… I don’t know any newbies that join the game and instantly decide that whatever weapon they picked is better than everyone else’s.

hello king of rifle and occasionally smg here
a rifles-only server would just be awful; zero challenge unless hankey or tank are playing (both pretty rare now afaik)
removing any kind of variety from the game at this point would be a horrible idea imho, and the anti-smg circlejerk is pretty pointless. rifle user vs smg user will (assuming equal skill) end up in rifle winning a pretty large majority of the time

Veteran =/= elitist. While you do have to have some level of experience to get to the point where you become an elitist, being one doesn’t make you a veteran, and being a veteran doesn’t mean you have to think like that.
Also I agree with everything topo said.

So humble… so humble. :slight_smile:

Rifles don’t sometimes win actually, it’s only based on what advantages they have, like a good ping or such skill.
Also, some players have a disadvantage to have very low health, few rifle users risk this to get kills.

SMGs and Rifles can be a draw to this situation.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

Tank hax.

(jk, but that guy is freaking insane.)