I wont be toxic again.

Hi i was being toxic in the chat and got kicked that was about 8 hours ago and then i tried to play today then it said i was banned and i would never hack i dont tolerate hackers at all so plz help me it would be appreciated.
My name is GLOX_YT and i play on OS.

I got banned on arena top 10 server and im not sure when i got banned but i know it was last night.

I was being toxic in the chat cause i was being shot through walls.

I love arena because i feel like i make friends there cause i got no friends and everyone in there are so nice to me and i love the gameplay of arena and OS is the only game i can play on my device.

I know i was banned on the 21th of Oct and around 7 pm.

Thank you for your efforts to write this appeal, I appreciate it!

I was the person who banned you today from arena top10.
We might have confused you in the discord, but the reason for the ban wasn’t the toxicity.

For you it should be important to know, that the aloha servers believe in second chances and that it is always the best to be honest about the own mistakes.

Therefore I would like to know if there is something you want to admit.

Thanks in advance,

Hi i dont hack cause i use linux and its impossible to hack on linux people have tried.But if there has been some trollers like today plz help me out Thanks for youre time.

But i admit to hacking about a couple of monts ago on my windows computer that broke.

ok fine i hacked in hallway serever how long am i gonna be banned for

Thank you for admitting hacking, although this only seems like the half truth.
You may have hacked on a hallway server as well, but as mentioned above I was banning you while you were on the top10 server.

My video evidence:
0:17 although you were able to see before that your enemy FireBlast walked inside the building, you are now suspiciously accurate with your crosshair. It appears to me like you were able to see him through that wall (ESP).
0:35 here you are noclipping the first time from the starting point to the rooftop. I checked the map again, the map is called abandonedstronghold. In general it is possible to climb to that position over the stairs, but not during the beginning while the red fence is preventing it. So basically you were walking through blocks and shot your teammates from above.
0:56 here you are using noclip again
And all that while impersonating a legit known player.

Please admit that you were hacking on top10, it will make this process a lot easier for us.

Thanks in advance,


Hey i wont do this agin because i dleted wine thats how i was able to hack and i went to use the flatpak version which is immposible to get hacks on and i will be normal player and plz tell when will get unbanned sorry for wasting ur time have a good day.And i admit to hacking in top 10 server.


thank you, that was all what I wanted to hear from you. But you don’t need to uninstall Wine because of this, Wine is such a great project :stuck_out_tongue:

Because I believe you and that its your first time hacking, you definitely deserve the second chance and you are now unbanned.

I thank you for your patience and wish you a happy time in the game,
Rakete :slight_smile: