i was only digging

  1. I was certainly banned not votekicked

  2. Hawks|xxFrapSxx

  3. Aloha.pk tower of babel map: road island

  4. I was digging with Hawks|mr.BadAim and i started digging up (making a tunnel) for something fun we were doing then i was greeted my a box with a message inside it saying “kicked”

  5. because i was really just digging and setting up a base! nothing to be banned for

  6. 16/5/2014 6:32 PM

The video that this polish guy(underwear) used to make a abuse report against you is really good and I can clearly see that you were cheating.

I’ll do some stuff today and not be around for some hours, you will have that time to decide whether or not you should tell the truth.

It was rigged as you can see my comment

Just to inform you, the rig that you’re talking about is an extension used by admins to truly see if you hack or not. It’s technically a hack, but can only be used on Spectator. Good day.

Stop posting on ban appeals already

Actually, I also banned you before the report was made. Unfortunately, I lost my video in the dump I did just a bit ago. You were banned by me on May 14 for the same reasons as SnIpEr’s.

Preparing big and fancy last reply
finds out hes ban evading
Why am I wasting time with such a worthless kid?

Please see below, will this be same guy.


Help I’m drowning in stupid, the tool that was used to identify you as a hacker is admin approved pubovl. It essentially gives us a first person view, we can’t see things like textures because they are client sided. It allows an player view things from a first person perspective with location aids that will ONLY work in spectator mode. I’ve yet to look at the video, but the fact that you were banned for it dosn’t help your case, think we are framing you? Look at some of the other abuse reports not all abuse report videos go through for reasons such as not enough proof, the guy is innocent, or there is something that vindicates the person.

Kiwi what he said is completely on topic with this appeal.

Its technically an advanced spectator tool not a hack.

The fact you were caught by two admins on two separate occasions removes any doubt you were not hacking.(in simple words you were hacking case closed enjoy the ban)