I was banned for my brother was cheating.

A few days ago (2-3 days), I had gone to eat a snack and my brother used my computer to play on server “aloha.pk 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint” and allegedly used some hacker and banned from the server administrator.
I humbly thousand excuses for what happened and say it will not happen again.
I ask you kindly remove the ban named “Zombie” because I recognize what happened and I feel angry at my brother. If it was banned by IP, my IP is one of these: or

Honestly, Zombie.

How long was your brother playing on your account?
I’m looking into the matter.

He just would have gone that night hiding oddly enough, because I saw him often playing only in his computer.

That’s still a problem. You guys have the same public IP address, so if I unban “you”, I’ll unban “your brother” as well.
I generally don’t unban aimbotters. Sorry.

this is kinda off topic but what server do you usually play on zombie?

I also usually played on servers: aloha.ph 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint, aloha.pk capture the flag, ctf aloha.pk 24/7 classicgen, aloha.pk infiltration, aloha.pk last team standing and aloha.pk r1ctf 24 / 7 hallway.


  1. Permabanned.