I want this racist player permbanned from all Aloha servers

IGN: LShax

I was playing with “MineOfTheCrafts” when he called someone a “n*****” for cheating. A few people including me called him out on it. I vked him for it, not really expecting him to get kicked, but only to make a point. He immediately began spamming extremely racist comments in ALL CAPS. He was saying things like “hey n*****, can you get me a white cotton shirt that is not all covered in n***** blood?” etc. I think you understand my point. He was vked several times by different people but he would not stop, and instead it got worse. He was deeply offending a lot of people and he was obviously enjoying people’s reactions. Just to be clear, he was saying “ner" not "na”

What I am asking is that this player, MineoftheCrafts, be permbanned from all Aloha servers in AoS as a punishment and to prevent him from offending other Aloha players in the future, please respond…

Oh yeah, I forgot to include this because I assumed people would understand, but he was not writing the word with asterisks, he was writing it out with the letters.

This doesn’t deserve a permaban, just an administrative warning. Aloha is okay with cursing an insulting in-game (I do it all the f*cking time, fool), so we’re also lax about some trashtalking that others may see as offensive.

However, from what you’ve said, it seems like he is obviously just provoking people with overtly racist statements. This may deserve kicks or temporary bans, but only if we actually see him do so. Mind telling us what server, and when, you saw this guy on?

Normally I warn for stuff like this, but if they start getting out of control I’m going to definitely ban them for a week or two.

but the difference is n****** is a racial offense…

It’s still considered crude language that is allowed here. Unless if they repeatedly curse which is like spamming.

It's still considered crude language that is allowed here. Unless if they repeatedly curse which is like spamming.
I can't speak for all the admins, but I warn and ban for racist language, excessive or not. There's a definite line for me between racism and profanity.

Well, IRL I don’t curse or say racist comments believe it or not. But the Internet is the “Wild West” with practically no laws. There is porn, racism, piracy, obscenity, and profanity like it or not and it doesn’t matter what age you are. So it’s really me following the Internet’s “norm” and izzy’s leniency (which I support). I used to get called “terrorist” for my race and religion by Christians. In the end, there will always be racism and profanity and we just have to deal with it.

I looked through all of my logs and I can’t find any racist comments at all by “MineoftheCrafts” on any aloha servers. I see a lot of profanity, but no racism and no mention of the word “n*gger” anywhere. Sorry, but liars don’t get far.

I don’t think banning for racism makes sense unless it becomes blatant spam.
I don’t ban people for saying “gay”, so why should I for “nigger”?

Still, we’ve had cases where people were continuously using these words to hurt others, which necessarily culminates in banning.

looks at Anus
Found one.

I know it was on Aloha’s tow server, I’m not sure what time.
It was somewhere between 9:00 PM and 1:00 PM.

I understand that profanity is allowed, I just think that there is a line between profanity and “n***er”

Responding to PXYC, I’m not sure what access you have, where you looked, etc. Maybe his name was MineOfTheCrafts instead of MineoftheCrafts, I’m not sure, but I promise you he did say those things I quoted, I am not a liar. Please believe me.

Either way LShax, these stuff happens and he would not get more than a day’s ban. PXYC along with most admins have access to anything said to anybody in any server in Aloha.

Don’t mean to interupt, but shouldn’t this be under AoS?

If it should be, izzy will move it.

I think gay has become an ubiquitous colloquialism (I really couldn’t find a way to say that without big words), and I would ban for “faggot” if I knew I wouldn’t have to deal with 1000x ban appeals. I’m just asking that our players be civilized, and I think my bar for “civilized” is pretty damn low.

I appreciate giving players the freedom to trash talk and rage. I don’t appreciate letting rabid 10 year old racists (apologies to our mature 10 year olds) and trolls run wild in our servers. We don’t need them, I don’t want them.

Most people learn after the first warning, send back a “Oh sorry, won’t happen again”. The people who don’t won’t be missed (by me at least), “culture of the internet” be damned. Regardless, no one here permabans for racism.

EDIT: Also, MineoftheCrafts said “nigger” at least 22 times. Check dem logs closer, pxyc

The term “gay” to describe something as being stupid or lame is derogatory. Simply because it is a colloquial saying, does not make it acceptable. I agree it isn’t ban worthy, but I really wish people would stop using it. Back in the 50’s, it was colloquial to say “nigger” and “colored boy” and stuff like that, which by today’s standards is down-right offensive. This is my unsolicited opinion on the matter.