I think allowishus should be given immunity from mutes and bans

isnt that a good idea

Disconsidering that you asked to “be given immunity from bans”, something a bit ridiculous.

1 - There is a correct place for this.

2 - I have seen you spam, more than once. I have seen you use “nigga”, which is considered - and you know it - racist.

Ergo, I disagree with your idea that allowishus - the IGN used by you - should be granted immunity.

However, thanks for posting! Your amusing post made me laugh.


Mr. Stark

Ay man I thought we were friends. You said you would make me moderator if I stopped using the n word. Here I’m reminded of the fox in Aesop, disputing at law with the leopard concerning their claims to variety,11 when the leopard had shown her body with its glossy surface bright and spotted, Dand the fox’s tawny skin was rough and unpleasant to the eye,

“But look at me within, sir judge,” said she,
“And you will find me fuller far than she
Of fair variety,”
making manifest the versatility of her character which changes to many forms as necessity arises. Shall we, then, say in our own case, “Many of your diseases and affections, O man, your body naturally produces of itself, and it receives also many that befall it from without; but if you lay yourself open on the inside, you will find a storehouse and treasury, as Democritus13 says, of all manner of evils and many abnormal states, Ewhich do not flow in from outside, but have, as it were, subterranean and earth-born springs, which Vice, being widely diffused and abundantly supplied with those abnormal states, causes to gush forth”? And if the diseases in the flesh are detected by the pulse and biliousness, and temperatures and sudden pains confirm their presence, but the evils in the soul escape the notice of most men, they are for this reason worse evils, since they also deprive the sufferer of any awareness of themselves. For although the reason, if sound, perceives the diseases which affect the body, yet, being itself afflicted with those of the soul, it can form no judgement of its own afflictions, for it is affected in the very part by which it judges; and, of the soul’s diseases, one must account as first and greatest ignorance, Fwhich causes Vice beyond hope of cure to abide with most men, to cling to them through life, and to die with them. For the beginning of the riddance of disease is awareness which leads the ailing part to the use of what will relieve it; but the man who through disbelief in his ailment does not know what he needs, refuses the remedy, even if it be at hand.

I never said I’d make you a moderator.

Nice Plutarch quote, I remember having read it in a book containing his works. Did you get it from ‘http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Roman/Texts/Plutarch/Moralia/Affectiones_peiores*.html’?

Use as many quotes as you want, but this isn’t exactly a court, and you speak not to the judge; we are merely in a forum related to a game, and no one is pretending to be, at the very least formally, to be judging you, so while true, your second quote is seemingly inappropriate for this occasion.

Your first quote is… a bit out of place? Perhaps you should have put it after the Plutarch quote, if it was meant to be related to it. If not, do point out what it was supposed to be related to.

Also, friends? You kept insulting me repeatedly on pinpoint, non-stop. I muted you at least once, but after I unmuted you, it just kept on going. We were never friends :slight_smile:

Cmon man you know I was just joking around. You really should make me a mod man. I’m on that server all the time

Mr. Stark cant make you anything. You have to apply like everyone else. There is a application process that must be followed as to weather you will be accepted or declined.

Also, immunity? If your a good person who sticks by the rules you wont need immunity. Worst that’ll come will be a votekick or something.

The only reason (I think) your asking for this is so you could troll, grief, or hack. If you didn’t do this, you wouldn’t need “immunity”. This topic makes it obvious you want to break the aloha rules.

Pretty sure he wants this so he doesn’t get muted each time he tells me to “go back to Africa” when I kill him 0.o

My admin application is pending. I appreciate all of your support! Thanks!

Hi, I was accidentally banned from the server. Can someone fix that right quick?

also i was team killing shadow because he was griefing. he knows to make the ceilings 4 blocks high and he was making the ceiling on the third block so everyone would have to crouch. i deserve a medal if anything.

Can this topic be locked?

mr.stark it can be locked when i’m unbanned. i’m pleading my case here. thanks for understanding.

this isnt the place to submit ban appeals there is a section under ace of spades for that thank you

One year later Timi revives a dead topic, - of a -h

quick kill him!

Where’s that lock button…