I might be gone for a bit

:frowning: I’ve had a lot of work to do as my 8th grade teachers pile way too much homework on us. I haven’t had much time to play AoS since I’ve been dividing my time between playing football, coding, homework, attending Highschool meetings regarding programs teachers want me to apply to, and fixing my computer which has broke down and will only run in Safe Mode.

I hope to be back soon and a still will be active, just not as much.

Also, ponies are awesome and potatoes!

See 'ya when “a bit” ends :stuck_out_tongue:

You know it, son :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah 8th grade. Another year of straight A’s for me :slight_smile:

I like to brag on teh interwebz.

8th grade
Piles of homework

Hahahahahahahaha you haven’t seen anything yet.
In a couple of years, when I’m hopefully doing premed track and possibly BME, I’ll probably look back on this comment and laugh at myself.


it just goes exponential from there, until you finish college, then it either spikes, or levels out