I´m sorry wont happen again..

My IGN is: [WGE]NDRoser
I was on the server aloha.pk tower of babel
I´l be honest… i was esping but right after the ban i deleted injector.exe and its componnents i havent being hacking for a long time this was the 5th or 6th time i was hacking i accept the ban but would appreciate it if i would be unbanned because i love playing on that server and apologize for using the hack. In the future i will not be hacking and will follow the rules.
Time of ban: 01.20.2015 around 10:20 pm to 10:37 pm

PS: sry for lying to nope when he asked me if i was hacking…

Your ban admin has been notified.



Hey NDRoser, thanks for being honest. i ll reduce your ban to 2 days. Have fun.