I have skin cancer

Omg . I went to the doctor to check a part of my skin and THEY SAID I HAD CANCER!!! They’re gonna remove it fortunately but it will hurt…

Hemp oil made from the hemp BUD like the BUD! if you eat that for like 3 months it can cure every cancer and heal scars. Don’t believe me look it up.



“Cure every cancer”


Wow. That sucks, sorry you have it. Good luck with the removal!

feel better

i got it by going to the beach everyday.

eternal thanks everyone who wished me the best of luck.

Don’t worry man. You wont die!

i’ve had a few removed myself. the key is regular checkups at least once a year so you can find and remove them early. sounds like you found it early so removal shouldn’t be a big deal. you were wise to get checked!

i think most people don’t realize how common skin cancer is… seems like too many people are neglectful about it and/or assume they are fine. ??? silly because it’s easy to treat when caught early and dangerous when ignored.