I Have A Suggestion

I’m not sure if this is possible, or how easy it would be to do, but I have a suggestion for Aloha AoS servers.

To monitor servers more effectively and easily, maybe messages could be sent somehow to guards/moderators/administrators when key words were used in chat.
For example, if the words “hack,” “cheat,” “grief,” etc were found in a chat message or votekick reason, a message could be sent to someone who could come onto the server and deal with the issue.
I realize this could cause problems with people “crying wolf” or just being paranoid, but maybe punishments could be given for doing that too.

Another idea I had in place of the previous one would be that there would be a way for AoS players to send a message from the AoS chat to some site or page that moderators, admins, etc would have access to and they could see a list of recent requests for authority by AoS players that suspected cheating, griefing, etc.

Please respond with opinions or problems you see with my suggestions!

some of us already do this; we use chat triggers in IRC to get notified about suspicious stuff

i personally have this with a whole list of trigger words which will beep on my IRC when they are said. i sometimes turn it off temporarily cuz it annoys me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you izzy and CraftDinur!

Yes I use this quiet often. Good suggestion though :stuck_out_tongue: