I have a friend in Paris. I don't care what religeon you are, just pray

Everyone please pray for my friend Willouw. He’s currently in Paris.

Toutes les personnes,s’il vous plait prier pour Willouw, mon ami. Il est a Paris.

Hmm/ Anything bad happen to your friend?

EDIT: I’m out of the loop. I wish your friend luck.

Apparently France has declared a state of emergency which, in fact, is one level below a state of war.

The French president not only declared state of emergency, but closed the borders.
Everyone keep Paris in your prayers.

Je prie pour ton Ami Monsta, Quelle perte…

I Pray for your friend Monsta, what a loss…

I shall pray!


First of all, my condolences to all those affected. However, I feel that we should always be supporting each other like this even when we aren’t in times of crisis. Act of terrorism and disasters should not be only things that bring people together.

Did anything happend to him?

He’s A-Ok

Anyway, I was about to reply but my Internet was glitching out.