I got banned :(

Hi i got banned from your servers because i was being kind of stupid and saying dumb things and im sorry if you allow me back onto your servers it would be greatly appreciated and I can assure you that it will never happen again. :slight_smile:

I have been banned off your hallway server and all your other servers because I was being an idiot and i will admit it and i am sorry. I really like your servers they are really fun and have kept me busy having fun for hours on end. So if you would be kind enough to unban me it would be greatly appreciated thanks.


aloha.pk r1ctf 24/7 hallway

I was banned of your hallway server and I think all your other servers for being an idiot and saying some racial comments and other thing like making fun of people and for that I am sorry and for anyone I might have offended I am sorry too.

I am leaving this appeal because im sorry and I promise it will never happen again because I love your servers they have given me hours upon hours of fun and again I am really sorry for what I did and If you are willing to unban me I would be ever so happy and again I promise it will never happen again.

August 16, 2012, 1:09:50 AM

First of all I would like to say that the Aloha servers for Ace of spades are the best servers you can play on there is barely any lag and I have not found any hackers yet as I have only been playing for 5 days so far. On 8/16/12 at around 12:30 am on the server aloha.pk r1ctf 24/7 hallway I was having one of my better games as I had around 150 kills (after around 2 hours though they added up) and actually had made a few friends on it. Anyways some new players joined and it turned out that they were not there to be kind to other players and they started swearing and saying rather rude things. I started typing sticking up for one of the other players and then pop right in front of my face it said that I was banned. There was no votekick session in progress that I know of for me and I had not been accused of hacking once in any of the games of Ace of Spades I have played once. My in game name is wizzowazzup. The only reason I can think that I was banned was that I was doing so good (I had a kill/death ratio of 1.83 or something like that) and the admin may have thought I was using aimbot or wallhacks (I have no use for hacks because I am not an fps noob at games like this and I discourage other players that use them). I cannot join any Aloha servers at all so I would like something to be done about this banning as I don’t feel that it is fair. :UPDATE: I have also checked the global banlist and I am not on it.

first im not the admin who banned you. second you were banned for racism so the ban duration can be anything, third the name that is listed is NOT wizzowazzup its BADBOYT. So either the admin typed the wrong name in or your not telling the whole truth. In any case the admin who banned you will have to determine the factors and tell you how long the ban is and tell you the final judgement. Yes, all the admins do look at the ban appeals, so until he can respond you will have to stay banned. Good Luck

EDIT: yeah i found your other ban appeals seems like the admin didnt make a mistake

wizzowazzup, BADBOYT, what is your relation to each other?

Badboyt and I are Brothers.

BADBOYT’s ban (for racism) will expire 2 days and 4 hours from now, and you will both be able to play then.

In the future, be aware that bans affect your entire household, not just your computer or your ingame name.

Ok thank you so much I won’t let him act like an idiot and say stuff like that ever again.