I got banned

I banned from pinpoint but i dont know why. i am not a griefer. and i cant enter aloha severs
Name: Tom [HUN]
server: pinpoint 24/7
time 2012.07 (months) 19 (day) mornin
please somebody help me
thank you

And i didnt heacking or cheating and i I did not have many headshot so i dont know why i banned!?
i love aloha servers…

if you cant get on after 30 min respond back here

You were banned for one day. I don’t know the reason, hopefully the concerning admin can enlighten this

thank you guys!!! it wasnt a votekick bann so i think i will try it tomorrow and thank you again

You were banned for one day for griefing on pinpoint.
Specifically, I was building and you ran up with an smg and started tearing down the walls I was building.

Don’t do this in the future, please.

oh i see… OK thank you

i banned again :// but again no reason or warning given i hope not griefering becouse i just clearing the map (pinpoint) from diffuse blocks and i made a cool tower but somebody grief it

Leave the clearing blocks to admins please. That way, nobody will think you’re griefing.

OK thank you