I got banned

Hello my AoS Ign is dbro im sure all of u know me and hate me, but I have a statement to make so give me a chance.About 5 mins ago I was banned from every Aloha.pk server and i dont mind about that BUT there is this one guy called [TSB]Eddie and every time i go on he is always on blue team on Aloha.pk last team standing, and he will never give anyone a chance to win. I have tried to be good and nice but every time i go around a corner he is there… its like hes trying to target me ive only ever killed him once or twice BUT i would like SOMEONE just anyone to kick him for a while so he can be taught a lesson no to be so much of a di*k.Thank you to anyone who reads this post.

for playing the game? no, we’re definitely not kicking anyone for that. play harder!

why were you kicked? was it a votekick?

I was banned just for trying to votekick glitch abusers and REAL aimboters. I play occasionally AND I try to be good but everyone I try to kill just seems to dodge all of my bullets even if thier camping or not moving maybe their hackers or maybe im the worst player ever to play AoS?

you were votekicked off the server:

2012-06-06 19:21:37-0700 [-] IISoD}DBro18{ES votekicked 2012-06-06 19:21:37-0700 [-] IISoD}DBro18{ES disconnected!

that means more than half the players on the server didn’t like you. trying turning off your caps lock next time. it’s only a 30 minute temporary ban anyway, you should be able to play again by now.

I’m pretty sure more votekicks go through because the reason was “Type /y for airstrike” than for a general displeasure from the server.

I have only every once done the alt f4 or /y for airstrike once before on the server and that was ages ago.but izzy i swear im never going on the last team standing again.I just dont like some of the people on there. :frowning:

A good majority of them are try hards, If you want something smooth fun and relaxing play pinpoint 24/7 :wink:

that’s true most of the time, Reki ::slight_smile:

db18 please understand your votekick wasn’t a decision by admins, it happened with an automated system controlled by normal players. are you able to play again now? you should give last team standing another chance, it’s quite fun. :slight_smile:

LOL, okay, first off,It isn’t my fault you keep dying by me just because you aren’t quick enough to shoot back. Try to get better,I was a noob once too.and also,You got votekicked because you do ridiculous votekicks like kicking campers, and “aimbots” when it’s just skilled players, you had 2 other guys nearly convincing everyone to kick me when i don’t really hack.

plus, you votekick anyone who kills you, so pretty much everyone is an aimbot to you.You got what you deserve kid, and ask anyone in the arena server and they will agree with me.You even said it yourself, some people hate you.

well if you ask me i would be happy to play on the last team standing server but i hate the admins plus thats the only last team standing server.I have made my point AND ALSO IM NOT A KID.I do try to be nice to everyone BUT they just seem to have the fastest connection and i have the slowest and plut half of the people i try to kick are AFKs.one time i was on for 30 mins and there were 3 AFKs on blue and I asked an admin to kick them and he wouldnt and how are you supposed to be AFK on an FPS you know your gonna get killed so why dont they just get kicked or why would they even connect in the first place its no tf2 so you wont get items if you stay on.Lastly last team standing isnt the place of campers if you want to camp pinpoint is the place to be.I only camp if im typing or eating somthing (ONLY SOMETIMES I DO IT IF IM GETTING OVERRUN WITH ENEMYS AROUND ME)

I wasnt going to respond to this post, but now i feel it necessary to say this. First off, in AOS there are many good players, some not as good. Alot have been playing this since the very beginning when it all first started. The object, is to always do your best and improve to be the best you can be while having fun and meeting new friends. Yes, there are some that cheat. On the subject of Eddie, i can say as of right now he isnt cheating, he is that good. Now, as far as you getting Votekicked?? Unfortunately in your peers eyes, that was your mistake. The reason being is you DO start alot of unnecessary votekicks for rediculous reasons. I have personally have warned you about the votekicks and yet you ignore me. That is why i issued you the ultimatum to cease. If you know that an Admin is in the server, you should report it to that admin. If you arent sure if a admin is present, you can use the /admin then your message. Then while waiting to see if a admin shows up, ask your fellow teammates what they think. Hopefully by this time you should have checked the person in questions /ratio (persons name) and /accuracy (persons name) against other players. Then if no assistance comes your way, feel free to votekick. How did you feel to be votekicked? Not a good feeling, but when you accuse someone make dang sure you can back it up some other than you being shot. Other players remember you trying to votekick them and therefore hold a grudge when they, were more than likely were misjudged. That is why there is animosity toward you. I am in no way trying to make this against you in any way. You are a decent player, just remember to treat others the way you want to be treated and in the end you will be the bigger and better person and a winner for taking the bullet so someone else didnt have to. Oh and as far as the AFKS, i do kick afks ALOT !! Usually i give them the benifit of the doubt and let them go a round before being kicked. Now i cant see the other teams AFKs when im playing so you have to let me know if im not on your team. 8)

well, DBro, here is the thing, Eddie has brains too, he can remember the route/path you(or others) take every time, he will then hide in a corner, when enemy appears, he just kills them.

loling hard

I lol’d.

There’s so many things wrong with this comment that I’m not even going to fully examine it. But let’s start off with a few.

  1. It’s totally a good idea to mention that you hate admins on the forums.
  2. Your point? What point? That you were votekicked for abusing votekicks?
  3. You’re being NOT nice to people just because they have better internet? Wow, you ARE a kid.
  4. Your grammar is atrocious, understand how periods, semicolons, and commas work; I can barely parse your words.
  5. Pinpoint is not a map for camping; neither are any maps, really.

Stop justifying yourself; it seems like this was one of the cases where the votekick was a good approximation of the general displeasure at your behaviour/presence on the servers. So sit out your votekick, and reflect on why you were kicked.

LOL OMG. Eddie stop singling out noobs lol!

I vote Aloha should ban Eddie for just being too damn pro lol!

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Didn’t realize how old it was lol.