I got banned from arena all for aimbot?

Dear Aloha.pk,
I am Marty and apparently I got permabanned for aimbot? I don’t even know where to find or use an aimbot. Could I please be unbanned as almost my whole clan plays on arena all maps. Thank you for you help.

Nope. You were aimbotting. You were constantly following players behind walls, You were snapping. You also had an accuracy of 500% the time I banned you. You’re not getting unbanned.

I did? I am being serious here. I had gone to check my acc then got banned. Then my mouse went crazy and now it’s broken. My email and other accounts have been hacked. I think that my comp will be gone soon. All I ask is to be unbanned before I get some sort of virus.

What does your email have and computer being hacked have to do with this? Also no you are not getting unbanned. You were hacking. Also what about your mouse? Is your mouse an aimbot now?

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If you would like me to say I was hacking I will. But I know the truth. I am sorry for causing all this trouble I have made. I hope that one day I can get all of this fixed.

And what is the truth? I think the truth is that you used an aimbot and now you’re going to say “I know the truth” But I think me and you both know the truth.

None of you can handle the truth!

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I will say I used an aimbot. Because of what has happened here, I will work non-stop to get rid if all these hackers. I have noticed that many people on certain aloha servers have aimbots, invincibility and other hacks. Please unban me and I can help your cause. I have learned my lesson and thanks for your help.

No, not unbanning you. Since you failed to admit the truth at the start. I will not unban you. Have a nice day. Maybe if you admitted at the start that you were hacking, things might have ended differently.

Ah Another TS member aimbotting. I learn the hard way.

Scroller isn’t even a member.

Woah Woah Woah, another TS member? None of my members have hacked. Scroller isn’t even a member of TS if you read our forums, you would see that he is on the FAKE MEMBER LIST. Marty said that he will say that he did aimbot, even though he didn’t. My clan doesn’t accept hackers. Please re-think your decision. Marty is such a good player and what he did was be too good for the people that were on. Trust me if you were there you would see that he wasn’t aimboting. He took mulitple shots on one person, and he says that he doesn’t even know how to use aimbot. He just said that because he was scared of you guys and thought that saying that he did hack would let him be unbanned. I was banned for talking back ‘spamming’ when it wasn’t at a pervert that was saying disgusting things. I was pissed but didn’t say anything. Please rethink what you are doing, he is such a good player and a great person. Its just like the Tyler problem. He was too good for the people on that he was permabanned. He wasn’t hacking or anything. Now two of my good friends were banned for no good reason. You don’t even have proof that he was boting. Not to sound mean, just sticking up for my member, and friend. I know that he would never aimbot, he loves this game and aloha.pk servers are the best servers around. Thanks. ~Lauren

Ok, than let him explain how he was following players behind walls, tracking people, directly snapping at people. Also his excuse for 500% accuracy was his mouse went weird and it broke, which I call BS on. Also, most aimbotters say they don’t know how to use an aimbot. Also the expression, “I know that he would never aimbot” has been used too many times.

Good point. But when did he say that his mouse made him have a 500% accuracy? Not to sound rude, you’re an awesome person :stuck_out_tongue: but you don’t have proof that he had 500% accuracy. If he was snapping at people, then he probably has good reflexes or that you or other people were having lag so it seemed like he saw other people.

Third post of the thread.

Read a little closer; he said his mouse broke after he was banned, not before.

Sorry about that mistake. Probably read it too fast.

Lauren, I cant trust him. I am confused.

I have not seen color do a bad ban yet, no reason not to trust him over this.

There goes the only relevant posts in ban appeals rule