I got banned for NO REASON!

I go, well, WENT by the name “Life”, now “Malkayne” on AoS and I play on your 24/7 pinpoint server all the time. For absolutely no reason at all, I was banned yesterday from ALL of your servers. I can’t help that I’m legitimately better than other players and it’s not fair for me to be punished because of it. I don’t hack nor do I have any knowledge as to how to do it. I don’t verbally abuse players and I don’t grief either! In fact, I openly complain about hackers/griefers in the chats and participate in every justified votekick regarding both. I have also posted complaints about this decision in the AoS forums. I feel as though I’m being treated unfairly while the ACTUAL problem players have no action taken against them. I’ve seen the same known griefer come back into the same server after a 30min ban, just to continue to do the same thing, while I, who has never done anything against the rules, get a permaban for NOTHING! Please, reconsider this ban and allow me to continue to play.

Hello Life,

I was the admin that banned you.
You were using wallhacks (ESP).

WHAT!? No I wasn’t! I don’t even know what the hell a “WALLHACK” is! If you’re talking about the fact that players can see other players when surrounded by walls when it’s only one block thick, then you need to do your research because that’s a GLITCH in the game that happens to EVERYONE and lots of people complain about it already. If you don’t believe me, go try it out for yourself. I’ve said it countless times and I’ll say it again. I DON’T BREAK ANY OF THE RULES! I play the game legitamately and have ALWAYS been against cheaters.

One block thick, only from the top.
I know about this glitch.

However, from the sides, it should be invisible, unless you’re using modified long scopes (which we also don’t allow).

I didn’t see them from THE SIDE. I saw them from THE TOP! I don’t use “modified scopes” either because I believe they are the same as cheating because it gives the person an unfair advantage. I don’t even know how someone gets one of those things to begin with! I don’t know what I have to do to prove to you that I wasn’t doing anything against the rules. Why would I go through all this trouble of creating an account on the AoS forums AND this site to defend myself if I was, indeed, cheating? This is absolutely ridiculous… How would YOU feel if you were unjustly accused of something you didn’t do and then get banned from your favorite server because of it?

(this is proably going to get deleted…) But If Reki says you wallhacked/ESP, 99.999999998% chance he is right. resistance is futile!

Well, he’s 100% wrong because I didn’t do anything against the rules. I have absolutely no reason to try and cheat in this game. I’m legitimately skilled because I’ve played video games my whole life and I have ALWAYS been against cheating! The fact that it has been three days since the ban and nothing has yet to be done, shows that they don’t take this as seriously as I do. I would like to see PROOF (not just your opinion) that I used this so called “wall hack”, but there isn’t any because I DIDN’T!!! This ‘Reki’ has been accused of abusing his Admin rights before (it’s in the forums) and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s doing it now. If I have to, I’ll come back on here over and over and post complaints about this decision until my name has been cleared of these WRONGFUL accusations. I have no problem accepting my punishment when I’m GUILTY of doing something wrong, but since I’m completely innocent, I find this to be NEGLECTFUL and ABUSIVE.

“are you banned? this is the place to prove your innocence or apologize for your past. we believe in second chances and we want to do the right thing, so please help us help you!”

Where is MY second chance? How am I to prove my innocence when you can’t even prove that I’m guilty? So far, it doesn’t look to me like any of you are interested in DOING THE RIGHT THING.

ok SirPezbag, you got my attention. thanks for posting. i just want to reassure you that you have been heard and your case is being looked into. cheating is a very serious matter, as is wrongful actions by admins. the latter is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Reki is a good admin, what he says is usually true, but i realize no one is perfect and we all make mistakes sometimes.

hang tight, either i or another admin will get back to you soon.

Please note that was from APRIL when Reki was a guard

After considerable discussion and thought, I came to the conclusion that it might have been a mistake.
I spent a good deal of time catching aimbots that day, and might’ve gotten a bit lax with the verification standards.

You’re now unbanned, and I apologize for any inconvenience. However, do know that if I personally see you hacking (if you were in the first place, that is), there will be no chances.

Thank you, Izzy for taking the time to get this straightened out. I didn’t come on here to get anyone in trouble or to cause a ruccus. I just don’t want my name being slandered with false accusations of cheating. Reki, I appreciate you owning up to your mistake and I’m sure we’ll all be able to laugh about this later. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play some 24/7 pinpoint.