I got banned for no reason at all..:(

Hi admins,my username is Xeno and I have been banned for no reason at all I don’t know what I did but when quit the game and then joined back the game said I was banned…I was also not given any warning of to why I was banned…I hope you guys can unban me…-Xeno

Incorrect format buddy, please read IT.
Also admins do not ban off the blue, they have reasons.
I am not an admin, and your banning admin will be contacted.
Can’t find it? Go here
I suggest not lying, as when I did it I almost got permanently banned.

Your welcome, Acetheking.

It was a votekick, and it ends in about 3 minutes from this post

I guess it was for a false reason, maybe you should apply for trusted, you’ll get to know the community better :slight_smile: