I Apologise Greatly! BlitzingNinja

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?
    Yes, last night I was playing with my friend after finding BuildAndShoot.com. My friend and I have played AOS since maybe around late 2011 for a year, well until the new “worse” version came out on steam. We found BuildAndShoot.com and were soo glad about being able to play AOS again… The next morning Banned…

  2. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.
    My IGN is BlitzingNinja.

  3. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on aloha.pk servers.
    I was Playing on Aloha.pk Top Ten Maps I think.

  4. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.
    It didn’t say why I was banned but I do confess that I did hack and take full responsibility for injecting a wall hack and aimbot hack.

  5. Why should you be unbanned?
    After a little while playing on AOS I kept seeing in the kill feed someone with the name of YUM!Cuthelo or something winning every round with a percentage of %200 on rifle and smg. He got really annoying and obviously he was hacking so I searched my pc for the old hack I used to have and reinstalled Hinjector and hacked the game. I know it was wrong but my rage took over and I promise I will not do it again and if I do I will also promise not to ever annoy you guys again.

  6. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.

Around 9.00pm Perth Western Australia time on the 10th of July

One last word… SORRY

Hey BlitzingNinja,

I am the guard who asked to permaban you. I spectrated you, but before I could ban you, you disconnected. You have been permabanned while you were offline.
I can upload the proof (if needed), but you already said that you used the injector for aimbot and wallhacks.

I really like your ban appeal, but why did you hacked because an other player hacked?
Using a votekick or the /admin [your message] are the legit and better ways.

G’day Cuulli,
I understand why you asked to ban me and if I were and admin I would do the same thing. I knew it was wrong to do what I did deep inside but the message just didn’t get to me in time. It was only later on that it did get to me and I feel really guilty for it. In the future I will think before I do and I believe I have learnt my lesson the hard way. I don’t need the proof because I already know that will make things worse if I deny. I have not yet heard about the /admin command so I will definitely consider that in the future. I have now downloaded bandicam on my faster pc so i can record evidence. Thank you for your quick reply.

Still two questions:

  1. How long have you been playing at top10maps? “If you believe a player is breaking the rules, please let us know with /admin” appears every 5-10 minutes on our servers (dont know exact time).
  2. I banned 3 minutes ago an other hacker at the top10 server and you continued hacking. Why?

Cuulli just saying but question one is starting to drift away from the actual subject of my ban but to answer your question I have been playing top ten maps, well aloha.pk
for a long time but have forgotten about it since yesterday was the first day ,after ace of spades switched to steam, I found buildandshoot.com so I have forgotten about the /admin command if it was even real back then. In the maybe one hour I was playing on top ten maps I do recall ever so slightly seeing the text about /admin command but as I said in one of my previous posts I never really took notice of it since it was new to me. Also just repeating what I said earlier, I will in the future consider using when I think before i do… That’s a promise!

About question two, three minutes may seem like a long time when your spectating but in-game it flies by. When that guy who you banned left I thought I might play a few more rounds with my friend then leave because we were very tired that night due to the fact that both of us had just played a game of sport. This is also another reason why my thought deep inside probably didn’t get to me quick enough. I do not deny having hacks on during this time. What I do want to say though is that the only way i know to get rid of the hacks is by restarting the game and i didn’t want to do this so during those three minutes I tried to use them as least as possible.

Hope this answers your questions… Thanks once again

First you say you have never heard about it. Now you say that you have known the command, but you forgot about it. Did I get that right?
Anyway, nice that you will use them in future.

About question two: thanks for the honest answer.

[i]"First you say you have never heard about it. Now you say that you have known the command, but you forgot about it. Did I get that right?
Anyway, nice that you will use them in future.

About question two: thanks for the honest answer."[/i]

Yes you are correct that first I said I didn’t know about it then in my second post I do but you took it the wrong way. If you look into my post more than you will see that I said I now maybe recall seeing the message. What this means is that before when I posted the first post I did not know but I thought I little more into it then mentioned it in the second post. I did not know about it I just wasn’t sure if I did or not since it was just a long time since I last played AOS but yes you are correct about what I said and I apologise about my mistake.

And also your welcome for being honest, lying is just not in my nature. :slight_smile:

Hang on Cuulli I think I just missed a certain part of one of my posts about recalling about seeing the /admin message… I will post soon.

“Modified” No I actually have not missed a certain part of my post…

“In the maybe one hour I was playing on top ten maps I do ever so slightly recall seeing the /admin command…”

So you see someone else cheating and you think cheating isn’t against the rules?
You think it is okay to cheat right after finding about bns?
Did you leave the steam version because there are no public hacks for it?

Ive seen suspected cheaters log out seconds after someone else gets banned, wtf it took you 3 minutes to do it, thats the same as 2 rounds in arena server, you waited till you got banned as if you wanted to get banned.

The only way there is to take off hacks is by deleting them, permanently, not just restarting the game…
If you are caught again, no matter what, you won’t have a third chance.

Yeah SnIpEr is right.

A few questions from me too:
You said that you had these hacks at your pc. So you never deleted them. The question: Why and when did you download them?
Anyway, you said that you played this game before the 1.0 version appeared. What did you do there if you have seen a hacker? Hacking, votekicking, nothing, disconnecting…?
And as SnIpEr said: Why did you used them in the first game you played AoS the first time again?

Spotted him ban evading just now on top10.

Wow wow wow, hold back, stop jumping to conclusions here. In my head I thought cheating was a good idea but I wasn’t thinking well because I was very tired so naturally the message didn’t get across. Later on I new what I did was wrong and deleted the hacks, then when I connected to aloha.pk in the morning I found out I was banned.
When I found out about BnS I didn’t think straight away about using hacks at all, it was only later in the night, after my hockey game, that I used them, also relates to me not thinking well.
How could you just jump to the mean conclusion about me leaving the steam version because there are no public hacks for it! I haven’t even searched if there are and I am not thinking about it either. The game has too much in it, and also I can’t run it on my old pc which can’t even run minecraft so how do you expect it to run a high quality game with lots of moving objects. Also I don’t like the new version of ace of spades anyway. Why would someone want to get banned, and If I did want to why in all world do you think I am appealing now? I didn’t wait to get banned I waited until my friend was going, then I would leave… Your right It did seem like I was waiting to get banned but that was not the case at all! As I said in my previous post I said I tried to use them as least as possible due to the fact that the only way to get rid of hacks INGAME is by restarting the game and that would take three minutes in itself.

“The only way there is to take off hacks is by deleting them, permanently, not just restarting the game.” -Already Deleted Them, Permanently!

Thank you sniper for giving me a second chance, I tried connecting after you posted your previous message and I can now connect but unfortunately I think mr.stark banned me again because he thinks I’m ban evading.

“You said that you had these hacks at your pc…”

  • Correct I did have this hack in my pc, to answer your question I got them off Skype when a friend of mine sent them through, I did not ask for them but I made a silly choice of downloading it. I never really used it because I knew it wouldn’t make me any better. It was just a coincidence that I used them on my first day back to playing ace of spades, as I said before Cuulli, I have permanently deleted them from my pc. It may seem that just because I used as soon as I got back to playing AOS I used hacks but I swear I am not a hacker anymore since I have learnt my lesson the hard way. I appreciated, once again, you guys giving me a second chance and I accept the fact that there are no more chances left. I used to do nothing with hackers but if they really affected me I would’ve vote kicked then left when they comeback in thirty minutes. This time round this guy was not giving up with his hacks until he got banned of course but as I said before I wasn’t thinking.

Thank you,

Wow that was a long post…

I describe how it looks for me:

You dont like 1.0 version and come back to good old 0.75 because you and your friend found buildandshoot.com. You say you played together and than you see a hacker in your first game. What should I do?- Using /admin as the message says, votekicking him or talking with your team to kick him-Nooo- you decided to search old hacks and you reinstalled injector (if you are able to do that, you cant be that tired that you dont know what you do). At one of the most popular server from aloha (btw over 40 people who could help you) with many other players- hacks on, lets rape them. You said lying is not in your mature, you destroyed the game of other players who want to have fun, you lyied (you had a better “skill” thank cheating)!

Anyway, why did you connect again? I decide what will happen to you and if you get unbanned. You dont need to check, I will tell you.

I accept what you are saying and how it looks to you, all I want is a second chance to prove myself and I am awaiting on your answer.

When Sniper said if I screw up again there are no third chances I thought that meant I was unbanned so I went to check and I was so I played 1 round on Top 10 Maps and then I was banned.


To protect SnIpEr:
He said that the only way to stop hacking is to delete them forever. Than he added that if you get unbanned and we catch you with any kind of hack, you will stay permabanned for ever.

Everybody who appeals want to have a second chance.

I will think about it. Anyway, what did you do wrong in your opinion? Only to conclude what happend and how you think about it.

BTW I wasn’t “Attacking” sniper in any way I was just answering your question… Also I am sorry if I made a mistake like that since it was just a simple misunderstanding.
As you said to sum up I think I went wrong when I downloaded the hacks in the first place, then actually using them.
Thankyou, I only said I wanted a second chance because it says you guys like giving second chances in one of the threads when you first get into “ban appeals”.

BTW I never said that you attacked him. Just said that I protect him tht you said the he said that you can go playing and that means that this was his mistake- but this isnt important anymore.

Than I have to correct you:
You ask us for a second chance hacking is a bad thing. You damage us and other players.

But you can put your mind at rest. I like that you said at the begiinning that you hacked and didnt tell other things. I trust you and I hope that you learned about your mistakes. I trust you that you deleted your hacks and that you wont break any rule- as SnIpEr said: you wont have a third chance.
But punishment has to be becasue you hacked, so I reduce the banduration to 10 days (I ask an admin to do this).

Hopefully, see you ingame without any hacks.

Thank you very much for giving me a second chance, ten days is good because I’m going on a holiday for ten days where I won’t have my pc so thank you very much once again and I am looking forward to seeing you ingame. What is your IGN?

God bless everyone and be safe!
Thank you

Nah ok, luck for you with the holidays, enjoy them.

My IGN is cuulli or |cuulli|.
See you,

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