ok i am a hacker hunter that goes to servers to kill all these hackers in server if i see one they are dead meat ok now im going to kick all these hackers ass soon as i am unbanned from aloha.pk servers i will kill these damn hackers ONCE AND FORALL 8)

ill see you all later
p.s i use hacks if i want to kill these hackers

I vote non of the above. thats what admins are for.

Dude you are global banned, you need to appeal your ban in #aos.gbl irc, not here. I dont think you have a chance of getting off either. I know i wouldnt let you off. if i was the one who banned you! Your a idiot who makes this game worse for everyone. You arent helping your hendering. If you dont know what that means, google it.

“or should i not kill hackers and use hacks” LOL like you’d get unbanned with that sentence… FAIL

Do not post another appeal.