Hurt the next poster

Get them! Be creative!

The next poster will be attacked by a flying saw blade


The next poster will be hurt by Abraham Lincoln a machete


The next poster shall be hurt by an AK-47 wielding Putin and a Churchill in a Churchill tank with a Bren submachine gun, sticking out of it.

-101 hp

the next poster will be hurt by a march against Macri
(really hurts lul)


The next poster just happens to get attacked by a flying flaming Stradivarius violin

Dodges (Is dodging illegal in this thread?)

The next poster happens to get slammed to death by Hulk Hogan.


Next poster get blasted by the deathstar.

also no dodging.


The next poster will be shot by a sniper from E°115


The next poster will be hurt by 50 point blank shots from SPAS-12.



next poster will be shot with a remington .22LR rifle in the balls at point blanc range.

Oh fuck.
Next poster gets beaten to death by a womans tits.

Worth it. Death by benis


The next poster will be killed by flying bacons!

next poster will die excruciatingly in a black hole


next poster will get beaten by israel’s excessive use of the word “benis”

Topic closed, hands down. This can’t be beaten.

But I’ll try to.

The next poster will be hurt by tons of aliens, parachuting from a plane without a parachute with M4A4s on flying cows with airplane wings, nukes and a bunch of milk boxes.

i’m dead that was hard to top off
next poster’s death by:

Offensive but okay.
-100hp and millions of dollars.

Next will be lazed by a commanding officer then will be bomb by PAF FA-50s.