How to deal with hackers you found

For the no-name hackers:you press tab then you see the team member names ya know right and you will also see the number that is right next to someones name for example: ]HeLL[Hellper #6 n everyone always have dat one number so to kick no named hackers you just do it like this /votekick #number the no named hacker has (reason)
When other people don’t vote for the votekicks:for the no name hackers its hard to find them and report them later because they have no name so if others dont vote for your votekick then you should find some admin to ban him and for the people who has names and uses hax u should take a screenshot that proves they are hacker and report that screenshots to the forum who manages that server then some admin will going to find that persons ip in someway and ban him
When server dont have admins:I dont know what to do when there is no forum who manages that server and there is no admin around so i suggest for admins before you put server out in public you guys should include aimbot detector on every server so other players who dont uses hax can enjoy better

I know almost all of u guys know about this but i wanted to do it for those who dont know or not sure

We do have aimbot detectors. They’re just not 100% reliable. All our bans are done by an admin in game so no one is banned by mistake.

It could be tho we always have chance to make mistakes but i think aloha admins rarely do

We use the detectors as a tool. When an admin is in game, he gets a message that a detector is detecting someone.

Then we follow up on it by observing them personally.

There is no script that exists that we trust 100% to make a ban off of.

Aha i got what you meant there so machine is not perfect so we need admin to check those things but i was saying to the server who dont have admins in their server

In other cases, if you are not sure what to do, there is always this:

What does the rapid hack detector do then? I have seen players get “banned” off of it. A message like “[player name] has been banned. rapid hack detected” has come up ingame before. Does it perma ban them? Or does it que the issue for admins to review?

Not a ban. It’s a kick. You either have to be using rapid hack or have really bad ping for it to do so.

what about nospread detected when shotgunners turn their pellets into slugs. I see people getting the permaban for that




What you actually should do,

find a corner and cry until an admin comes online.

Woops! Thanks, I guess my memory isn’t as good as it used to be ;(

But for wrong bans there were Ban appeals :slight_smile:

Really ei8htx I have been banned by a aloha admin about three times for hacking with a accuracy of 15% also because I had skill. That is why the three admins are dumb/stupid they never checked my accuracy and claimed I hacked. I got banned for about an hour.

Yo ace i didnt know this before but admins look through hackers in spectator team not.just for a short period of time but for a long time, nd ya know we can make mistakes sometimes, also there could be a hacker with low accuracy not every hacker has high accuracy.
PS: dont revive dah old thread plz D: especially mine ;_;
alright bai now

No you didn’t. Idk where you were banned but it wasn’t on Aloha.

PhantomServers. Almost positive.

The good old one hour ban to teach people a lesson.
That always works.

If it only lasted for an hour it was probably a vote kick, or a ban on another server like they said above. Also, accuracy is not completely reliable. There can be aimbotters with a really crappy accuracy and just normal people with over 100% accuracy. I don’t think you hack I am just saying it depends and is not an altogether reliable source.