How to apply for an admin

So, this is a guide on HOW to apply for an aloha admin. Because many people don’t know how. THIS WILL INCLUDE PICTURES!

Okay to start, you go to the “Ace of Spades” forums. Like this in the picture:

Then you go to the top of the page and go to “Admin Application”, It is here in the picture:

Then click “how to apply”, In the picture it looks like this:

READ “how to apply” REALLY WELL! Then copy the questions, THEN click the “Click here” button. in the picture it is here:

Then post it then wait. I don’t know how long it takes. Just wait, Possibly maybe a year if the admins are really lazy. So just deal with it.


You sound like that dude from GH…

GamingFTW: I think they would already know how to apply :stuck_out_tongue:

No, TRUST ME! This will help in the future! It will. and I don’t know what your talking about GH

Gaming i think its a awesome little instruction manual… the thing is, 95 % wont read it… if they arent linked to it. they cannot find it themselves.

Reki means you sound like Bubbletrout. but you’ll never be as big of a troll as Bubbletrout unless you play Tribes.

Ha ha that’s true :smiley:

Tribes: where bullets aren’t hitscans. Like they’re supposed to be.

If they can’t find the place to apply themselves, why would they be able to find the guide?

i would think if they can find this topic they would also be able to find the application topic…

You would be surprised.

The education system here is messed unlike back in Mainland China

I have a simple rule for people wanting to apply; if you ask for a direct link to apply then I’m already going to think negatively of you.
If you post your application in the wrong section, then just give up then. There are tons of other people who find it themselves.


Forced divergence
Government bribery


If they can’t find the place to apply themselves, they won’t be good admins, I think.

So simple, even a deuce could understand it. Nice work.

What are the chances of being accepted?

Depends how you qualify ‘chances’.
Chances are good if your not a butthole.
But the TIME for acceptance, is like, 4 or 5 months.

wow thats some time, but i’m willing to wait. It must be pretty complex to make someone an admin.

I have alot of responses to that, but I’'m not in a position to say any of them, :stuck_out_tongue: