How do i put images in my signature

I’m trying to put pictures,but all it is hyperlinks.Tell me if you know

Put [i m g] [/i m g] around them (without spaces)

.[img ]link goes here no spaces[/img ]

YES!THANK YOU! :wink: :smiley: ;D :wink:

Siggy’s that take up half the page aren’t so welcome…

Mother of god…

there, better

YEp :slight_smile:

I had 4 pictures

Can I ask?
Well, yes it’s that, but is there the resize code for images? Too lazy for Photoshop.

You can just resize it in paint or something but there’s no code for resizing afaik. My signature is pretty massive and for some reason it automatically resizes so there might be something preventing you from using an extremely massive image as your signature. You can still click my sig to resize it again.

It can resize by default or something?