How are Spawn Times Calculated?

I didn’t want to post in the actual forum because this is just a small question, but how are spawn times calculated when you die? Sometimes it makes me wait 11 seconds and sometimes 5 or 3.

I think it is for you life-time
If you live 1 second when you respawn (suppose you was killed by spawnkiller) you will wait 15 seconds.
But if you live 4 minutes when you respawn, and you are killed (suppose a camper) you will wait 2 seconds.
I think, so I cant be right

It is called “wave spawning.” A counter is constantly counting down from 16 over and over again. When it gets to 0, everyone dead respawns.
It’s done this way so that if a player spawn camps, the dead players will respawn all at once, giving them a better chance of stopping the spawn-camper.

Danke is right. It also gives you time to plan your strategy… or just rush, I dunno.