and there and
well u know, i pretty like this server so much :BBBB!!!
and, i just i mean, someone can start something to make a better comunicacion with each other, i mean
i made this new topic, and ill tell everyone in the aloha last team standing to join in here an meet us, this server has come to my life in a special situation, and i think ill remmeber it for a while, so yeah, ur special to me :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what your saying.

All he said was aloha server are good

hello Evanon! ;D thanks for posting, glad to know you’re having fun!

Oh ok, btw that was a great game in arena yesterday. You owned practically all the blues.

yeah pretty much that :3!!

with the smg!! that match whas so hardcoooooreee haha

see ya in aloha last team standing!

Yeah I like it when there are challegening people like you to go against.