Helping admins

So I just go unbanned and what do I find? I ban evader!! Is there anything I can do to help admins at all? That’s all I’d like is to help.

So I know the whol /admin thing but sometimes they don’t get there in time, is there like any semi-admins or anything? People who can kick but not ban and stuff?

Yep, there’s Guard, Moderators, Full Admins, and SysAdmins, they’re also found here:

If you’re serious about reporting people, find yourself a screen recorder and when you make a report post the video or screenshots as well.

Also if you need a fast way to contact admins, you should go here:

Get ovl075 from the buildandshoot homepage, figure out how to use it, get a screen recorder, combine them, upload to youtube, PM it to a full admin on the forums or in IRC or post it in the “report hackers” thread. That’s probably the best way you can help out.

Quoting this for emphasis. If you can notify a guard/mod/admin to deal with the offender on sight, it would probably be the prefered option to deal with the offender as fast as possible. If there’s no one available to help, go use ovl075, and record them. Bandicam works well. If you need help working ovl075, ask some people on the irc.

What’s ovl075?

First-person spec

OVL075: download

All credits to GreaseMonkey for his awesomeness.