Help PrO Skillz

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?
    I guess so?

  2. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.
    [CS]PrO$killz [Got Banned and i dont know why]

  3. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on servers.
    it was> counter-strike maps <this server

  4. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.
    I dont know i made an appeal because Kuunikal told me to… And a Guy Fallen Tells me that evading ban…

  5. Why should you be unbanned?
    I dont know whats going on here and i need help on getting back in the servers

  6. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.
    Saturday, April 9 2016 , 8:05 AM

The guy, [CS]PrOSkillz, was on csarena few minutes ago and was hacking, he glitched in a known position and got his head stuck in the wall and killed the entire enemy team like that, saldy i couldn’t get the recording software ready in time, we managed to kick him out of the server

What’s The Guy’s Name?

plz do not modify a quote the way you want it

Are you Serious? like i have been playing bad the whole game lol and the whole team? i dont think so…
dont get me wrong but… i never had win a counterstrike maps and finished the whole team… and another thing… there are allot of imposters remember? and i got banned so it means it was a fake one… dont accuse if you dont have any proof my good sir… Keep It clean… and no offense…

oh and modifying the quote? i dont think so… i clicked quote and pressed 3 enters then i typed… so you are the one who modified the Re. …

twodayyudie: the [CS]PrO$killz you saw in arenacs_aloha was an impostor (he was speaking in Spanish, and the IP address was from Argentina).

Oh, and PrOSkillz: please stay away from Aloha servers until your ban gets resolved.

Finally… Thank you Paratrooper for the proof… and yes i will… im just going to play minecraft now…

Few days ago, I was spectating [CS] PrOSkillz with Pubovl and what I saw was clearly Esp. However, I didn’t record him because I can’t post it on aloha forum for some reason. Also one thing, he told me to use a skin from… his skin’s name is |Doom Sword| and the creator of this skin is [CS] PrOSkillz and [CS] Reaper. So, I asked him who is Reaper and he told me that Reaper is his brother. But Reaper got banned for using Esp. I’ve seen em saying that they live in the same house… different ip!? So yeah, it’s pretty clear for me that he’s ban evading and also hacking again…

Here’s the convo between Titanium and PrO$killz:

[details=Click for details][2016 04 April Monday 01:51:08] <arenacs_aloha> You are Reaper!?
[2016 04 April Monday 01:51:19] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> no he is my cousin .. why?
[2016 04 April Monday 01:51:44] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> he is in school right now what do you want from him?
[2016 04 April Monday 01:52:01] <arenacs_aloha> There was [Cs] ProSkillz and [Cs] Reaper so i thought you have 2 ign
[2016 04 April Monday 01:52:18] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> Just to be clear
[2016 04 April Monday 01:52:43] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> I AM NOT ANy SAME TO THat Faggot
[2016 04 April Monday 01:52:54] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> he has allot of girls .
[2016 04 April Monday 01:53:01] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> i dont ..
[2016 04 April Monday 01:53:15] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> did you download the one i made?
[2016 04 April Monday 01:53:31] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> kk
[2016 04 April Monday 01:54:29] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> he ttold me to add his name when i make skins .
[2016 04 April Monday 01:54:43] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> so he can also get the credit ._.
[2016 04 April Monday 01:54:49] <arenacs_aloha> Btw, didn’t Reaper got banned :confused:
[2016 04 April Monday 01:55:00] <arenacs_aloha> He’s appeal is still on progress
[2016 04 April Monday 01:55:05] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> who?
[2016 04 April Monday 01:55:10] <arenacs_aloha> reaper
[2016 04 April Monday 01:55:15] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> oh he got banned?
[2016 04 April Monday 01:55:28] <arenacs_aloha> yes
[2016 04 April Monday 01:55:31] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> for what?
[2016 04 April Monday 01:55:37] <arenacs_aloha> esp + aimbot
[2016 04 April Monday 01:55:47] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> well he didnt tell me such things
[2016 04 April Monday 01:55:54] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> since when?
[2016 04 April Monday 01:56:07] <arenacs_aloha> Some days ago, you can see it on aloha forum
[2016 04 April Monday 01:56:08] <arenacs_aloha> Btw
[2016 04 April Monday 01:56:21] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> oh btw is making a aloha acc need money to crate?
[2016 04 April Monday 01:56:25] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> *create
[2016 04 April Monday 01:56:33] <arenacs_aloha> Are you joking with me!?
[2016 04 April Monday 01:57:44] <arenacs_aloha> Then … he’s ban evading :confused:
[2016 04 April Monday 01:56:45] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> well Zane told me it does…
[2016 04 April Monday 01:56:50] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> Zane is Reaper by the way…
[2016 04 April Monday 01:59:02] <arenacs_aloha> Then… he’s ban evading pro :/[/details]

Oh, and another likely impostor:

[details=Click for details][2016 09 April Saturday 01:58:51] <arenacs_aloha> <[CS]PrO$killz> XD
[2016 09 April Saturday 01:58:59] <arenacs_aloha> <[CS]PrO$killz> XDD
[2016 09 April Saturday 01:59:14] <arenacs_aloha> <[CS]PrO$killz> I can evade the ban in aloha pk
[2016 09 April Saturday 01:59:19] <arenacs_aloha> <[CS]PrO$killz> i wanna talk to admins
[2016 09 April Saturday 01:59:44] <arenacs_aloha> <[CS]PrO$killz> i talk to paratrooper
[2016 09 April Saturday 01:59:51] <arenacs_aloha> <[CS]PrO$killz> he’s cool
[2016 09 April Saturday 02:02:12] <arenacs_aloha> <[CS]PrO$killz> Reaper
[2016 09 April Saturday 02:02:14] <arenacs_aloha> <[CS]PrO$killz> my bro
[2016 09 April Saturday 02:02:43] <arenacs_aloha> <[CS]PrO$killz> XDDD
[2016 09 April Saturday 02:02:45] <arenacs_aloha> <[CS]PrO$killz> cya[/details]
Also from Argentina.

Lastly, this is the mod that Titanium is talking about:

Why on earth would [CS] PrOSkillz and [CS] Reaper collaborate on a mod for AoS? Doesn’t this imply that they are different people?

[details=Click for details][2016 04 April Monday 01:54:29] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> he ttold me to add his name when i make skins ..
[2016 04 April Monday 01:54:43] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> so he can also get the credit .

shrug I don’t know.

The real [CS]PrO$killz i know is a Filipno (Philippines) for those who doesn’t know. He also uzes SMG often. Based on my experience, when he’s dominating arena he acts different.

Hope this helped.

And as a bonus: Pro$killz used the “._.” emoticon at most 296 times. Reaper has only ever used it once.

EDIT: Another conversation between Titanium and ProSkillz

[details=Click for details][2016 04 April Monday 22:31:46] <arenacs_aloha> Btw, PrO$killz after talking with you last time . I think you are Reaper
[2016 04 April Monday 22:34:13] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> how do you kill me?
[2016 04 April Monday 22:35:20] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> who?
[2016 04 April Monday 22:36:28] <arenacs_aloha> Well, as you said reaper is ur brother, right?
[2016 04 April Monday 22:36:43] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> huh? we are 5 in the family?
[2016 04 April Monday 22:37:08] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> [[ A BUNCH OF NAMES, EDITED OUT. ONE IS ZANE. ]]
[2016 04 April Monday 22:37:35] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> wait who got banned exactly?
[2016 04 April Monday 22:37:44] <arenacs_aloha> Reaper as I told you before
[2016 04 April Monday 22:38:04] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> Reaper is Zane i know that but how did he get banned?
[2016 04 April Monday 22:38:11] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> krof
[2016 04 April Monday 22:38:14] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> wth?
[2016 04 April Monday 22:38:15] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> stop that
[2016 04 April Monday 22:38:41] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> …
[2016 04 April Monday 22:38:54] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> so i get back from town and zane is banned…
[2016 04 April Monday 22:39:19] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> krof dont insta kill me plz…
[2016 04 April Monday 22:39:33] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> oh my god…
[2016 04 April Monday 22:39:41] <arenacs_aloha> Just saying, that you ( Reaper I guess ) should admit it in ur appeal and play
[2016 04 April Monday 23:00:49] <arenacs_aloha> If you are reaper ( I think you are ) you should admit it that you hacked … k
[2016 04 April Monday 23:01:14] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> Zane is Reaper… oh By the way Im Mike Nice to meet you
[2016 04 April Monday 22:40:06] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> he hasnt told me he got banned yet…
[2016 04 April Monday 22:40:10] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> since when?
[2016 04 April Monday 22:48:24] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> behind
[2016 04 April Monday 22:48:28] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> yes
[2016 04 April Monday 22:48:34] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> he is there
[2016 04 April Monday 22:49:25] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> i dont even understand anything you say
[2016 04 April Monday 22:49:50] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> and im the first to die…
[2016 04 April Monday 22:49:52] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> great…

[2016 05 April Tuesday 00:41:23] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> kapatid ko si reaper… [[ reaper is my brother ]]
[2016 05 April Tuesday 00:41:45] <arenacs_aloha> <TH. PrO$killz> i talked to reaper about this…[/details]

thank you

soo… whats wrong?

Oh and by the way guys if an admin or a moderator are reading this can i have one favor?
: if there are more impostors joining please do get rid of them… if he tends to fight back that he is
“[CS]PrO$killz” ask him my YT channel… if he spells it wrong he is fake… the one who i remember knowing my
YT channel is Aiden[somenumbers] yeah thanks. oh and the reason why i wanted this favor was because he can easily trick my friends and making bad picture of me… so my reputation will go down if it happens… as i said… keep it clean… and no offense <3

Perhaps Paratroopy’s point is that Reaper (You perhaps) is using the IGN “TH./[CS] PrO$killz.”

Sorry If im too slow on catching up whats happening but could you explain further? please?

They think you’re Reaper, the other guy who got banned. Don’t evade bans if you have before and be honest. If you are being honest, good for you. Hopefully if you are being honest, the admins will know. But if you aren’t, don’t expect anything to go nicely.

Oh, okay now i get it… well i will be honest and yesterday i joined arenacs and talked to doctor dank about this but he said that he had no authority to allow me to play at all so i disconnected as a spectator (i didnt join a team just a spectator)

Hello Proskillz, I am the admin who banned you. I thought you were Reaper, because your IPs are very close, but I was wrong.
We have examined your case and we have noticed you are not Reaper. Therefore, your ban is been lifted.

I apologize you for my mistake and you can play normally now, have fun!