Ok, a while ago I was plaing and I was messing with noobs in a spamy way. Then i was kicked which I understand and deserved. BUT then I was BANNED i was barely doing anything! I really love aloha but becuase I was banned I cant enjoy it! >:( I really want a second chance but i cant talk to any one about it! Please anyone help me get unbanned cuz it really sucks!!! I REALLY regret what i did and REALLY want another chance!

Guys please reply! it is serious!

please wait 30 minutes in case it was a votekick. If it wasn’t a votekick and it was an actuall ban then appeal here ----->

I’m gonna do this with the cool new spoilers that we have.

I have good news and bad news, what you see first is your choosing.


good news

You wimp, look at the bad news first!


[details=bad news]You were banned for one week for spamming and mute evasion.
Now here’s the good!

real good news

Your ban expires tonight at 10:07PM EST!

Next time (hopefully there won’t be one), make a post in the Ban Appeals section.

Woow, even Admin are playing with Spoiler Bbcodes :stuck_out_tongue:

Not going to lie that was pretty great PXYC

wow thanks PXYC im so glad!