Yeah, you do. lol

Hello and Lol Fro reached the 500post mark.

Hello BobMcBoogington, aka PinkBlocksAttack.

Welcome to aloha.pk, enjoy your stay.

Pink block,you has excellent taste. :slight_smile:

Hai there Bob ^^

and yet somehow even though i dont post anymore, i am still rank 10 on posts. :?

…Fancy meeting you here Bob…You pink block spammer =D

I’m sorry that I kill you when you hold a pink block Bob. :frowning: But welcome!

Don’t worry Jon, I kill Bob as well, and I enjoy it =D.

Bob finally made an accoint :smiley: yay

Sorry we don’t except rabid dogs. 8)

If you don’t except them, then surely they must not be forcibly excluded.
In that case, they may be included as a consequence of the principle of excluded middle.

^ Teehee (It probably already was ruined)

*Light Bulb
Bob you should start spamming bullets!!
No need to thank me Bob, just stop spamming pink blocks…Plz?

I don’t wanna Shut up =0

Hai bro.