Hello world!

Hi, i’m Kopaka1996.
I like your servers, so i decided to register in your website; i also like your mods (free for all, arena, babel…) whose scrips nedded a lot of hard work (i think ;)).

So, please, KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK! :slight_smile:

P.S.:I’m from Italy! :smiley:

P.P.S.:I didn’t understand how to play the zombie mod…

Humans: Use gun to kill a Zombie, spade to heal other Humans
Zombie: Spade the ground to super jump…Zombies have higher health than humans

Zombies can jump through the ground, if a zombie captures the intel they can use a gun to kill humans until they die.

until then you have to use the shovel to kill a human.

hi Kopaka1996, i am the coolest dude around here 8)

I don’t think so Mr.Freeze is very cool.


Nice one, Jyrome


Never Played Zombies before. Looking forward to P.S love your server Aloha!