Hardware specs for hosting our game servers

Hardware :desktop_computer:

Currently, all of our game servers run on a leased Linux-based fully dedicated server with a whopping 128GB RAM, and 6 cores worth of Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 3.50GHz CPU power, plus a couple o’ speedy SSDs! :rocket:

It’s housed in this rack:

Location :round_pushpin: :earth_americas:

…smack dab in heart of downtown Los Angeles, California, in this building:

Network :globe_with_meridians:

Our upstream connectivity is provided by Psychz Networks, which has a global network of data centers in major internet hubs around the world:

Low Latency Routes :zap:

…in their words:

Low Latency Routes matters when connecting to a game server. Utilizing advanced network mapping and algorithms, we are able to reduce latency for end users when connecting to a game server.

APLLR (Asia Pacific Low Latency Routes)

Target Asian market with low latency when hosting servers in Los Angeles and/or Dallas data center. Offer fast content delivery and the ability for gamers to play games when connecting to Los Angeles and/or Dallas from Asia. With APLLR, the Dallas data center will allow businesses to target users on the East coast of the USA and, at the same time, offer low latency to users in Asia.

:white_flag: Decommissioned equipment

Our first rig

This was our main rig during our first decade. It was purchased used-like-new on eBay “from a guy” for roughly half its estimated ~$3K value at the time, freshly pulled out of a rack in a Los Angeles data center where it was built specifically for and hosting high frequency database servers. He bought four identical servers as a bulk deal, sold us one, and kept one for himself. Surprisingly, it’s still got kick to it all these years later! :four_leaf_clover:

These days, it’s considered our secondary “emergency” hardware. If we ever need extra host power, we could send this off to a nearby data center. It’s currently offline, stored in a basement in California. Specs:

  • Dual Intel Xeon L5420 (8 cores @ 2.5GHz)
  • 32GB RAM
  • 2 x 147GB 15,000RPM SAS


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