Happy New Year!

We survived the 2012 apocalypse! :wink: 2012 is out and 2013 is in! What did you guys do for the New Year. I am going to stay up all night and have fun. Happy New Year everyone! :slight_smile:

I get to have free money from my elders :slight_smile:

merry new years from the west cost.

I was intoxicated. Since my timezone is 8 hours ahead, I did stay up until 4 am, I would’ve stayed an all nighter but nah. Took four shots of Premium Vodka, drank some Smirnoff and just had fun in the streets…Filled with clubs and bars. (Serious). Well, that’s mostly what I did. I also enjoyed Hong Kong’s firework display but this time, it wasn’t so epic and bright as last year’s.

i stayed up and played aos and watched youtube like ever other day