happy 4


[td][shadow=yellow,left]happy birthday to us,
happy birthday to us,
happy birthday, dear aloha.pk,
happy birthday to us![/shadow]

what a fast and interesting 4 years it has been.
thank you so much for being a part of it!
looking forward to the next year with all of you…[/td]


time flies when you’re having fun

I just joined and now it is the 4th birthday of Aloha. That was fast! Happy 4th izzy!

Happy 4th birthday to all aloha’s staffs.



Happy birthday @aloha.pk

Thank you izzy for these 4 years.

Seems just like yesterday I joined.

Happy 4th birthday!!!

Long live aloha.pk!!!

Happy 4th Birthday!

Happy 4th birthday!! :smiley:
Aloha.pk forever !

Wow. Aloha.pk’s 4th birthday. This means 4 amazing years where we had no idea to what was going to happen is here. It’s all been a thrill ride. If it weren’t for Izzy, These amazing admins, giving hearts and donators, and if it weren’t for those hackers, aloha would have been nowhere. It’s been a great time seeing people, making new friends, enjoying a great game run by some awesome servers, and great moments that all of us have had. Those are to be kept and remembered. Remember Aloha.pk and all of it’s qualities. Never forget :). GO ALOHA!

Yay, happy anniversary aloha.

thanks to izzy and every other aloha-member for making this the awesome community it is.

Joyeux Anniversaire / Happy birthday to Aloha !
Thanks to all people around, admins or just players, that participated in this community !
See you for the 5th birthday !

Aloha.pk forever 8)

Happy Birthday Aloha Player Killers!
Congrats to the staff that have kept this game alive and fun!

Thanks for the 4 years
Its been good since it started ;D

happy birthday aloha.pk!!

Why isn’t there a 4 in the dot of the I?!?!