Wazzup guys, recently i’v been facing a lot of aimbots in those 2 servers, ClassicGen-Infiltration
And i’m playing in your servers since like 1 month and to be honest i never saw an admin in those 2 server! so please add more admins and help us getting rid of the hackers cuz votekicking doesn’t work (alot of people don’t vote)
The funny thing is that i always kill aimbotters LOL
Anyways please add more admins and keep the server clean so we enjoy playing.
Thank you very much.

Captain Donatello.

I’m aware of this and I think most admins are. I’ll try to go there and check it out more often.

I try going on most servers when I admin. I also am on CGEN and infiltration. But not all the time. If you do see an aimbotter. The best place to report it is on #aloha

Ahhh, but how to report?
I mean can we like…record demos in AoS (if you don’t know what a demo is then play Counter-Strike)
Or should we download a screen recorder?

You can download bandicam for free here:

What is bandicam?

and my opinion on this topic is that there should be either more admins for aloha, or that the ones already on aloha should more frequently check on servers.

Agree with LShax
okay then it needs a screen recorder.
but how do they get banned?
i guess by their IPs.
Anyways that’s all thanks for helping.

Donatello out.