1. Yup, waited 30 mins.

  2. gunner

  3. It was a pinpoint map I believe, some ctf server?? I honestly don’t remember the exact server, really sorry. I was on with LOW, I think hes the one who banned me, and a bunch of the komrades were there. if that helps you with what server it might have been.

  4. I was being a wanker on and off, I had problem spamming posts (not intentionally to irritate ppl, just out of habit). I did grief for a bit yes. And I assume just being an annoying cunt in general, ( I know, no one likes annoying cunts) I believe the straw that broke the camels back was when LOW saw me blow myself up around other blocks ( this i can assure you i wasn’t griefing then, i really was just killing my self to get more blocks)

  5. I really have learned my lesson, and it was a one time thing. I just really do enjoy the lil resemblance of community we do have here still, and realize how shitty of me it was to add dis function to it. Also im in the U.S. so aloha is like the only good and non lag servers on this game. :stuck_out_tongue:

  6. It has either been one or two days so the 8th or 7th of this month (8/8/16 or 8/7/16) around late night maybe, i want to say close to 10:00 I could wrong on the time though, my sleep schedule is all out of whack.

Again sorry, Ive been here for 4 damn near 5 years, and I feel real shitty for giving this game any more undue negativity than it already has to deal with. :-\

[details=Click for details]On the contrary, you may want to re-think your story because it seems you have a number of bans on you. I’m trying to track down the original admin.

Click for details

Edit: Admin contacted. Low does not have anything to do with any of your ban/s[/details]

I knew something felt off and I just saw this

I did some admin magic and double checked, the ban for the name Gunner and the current ban from this ip do not match, please accept my apologies. The part of the ban for evasion is invalidated, although there still is a 7 day ban for griefing. I have contacted the admin responsible for THIS ban.

of bans? where? Im only banned on aloha as far as i know… as in previous bans?

Please read my above post thanks :slight_smile:

sorry I posted b4 reloading the page. so your telling me im banned for 7 days, if so then ok. Im just a lil confused bout it all sorry.

Yes it is a 7 day ban for griefing, I did contact the admin responsible for it. and he should reply when he gets back on.

Yo, I banned you for being a huge annoyance: griefing, spamming, evading when you got your build toggled off, etc. I’m not going to reduce the ban because you have a history of doing this, so you’ll be allowed to join servers by the 15th or so. Please don’t join until then; if you can join before then, it will be because your IP has changed and not because you were unbanned.

Have a good day.

IDK how i was ban evading, what does that mean? But i already said im ok with the ban.

He must have not gotten my memo, you didn’t evade.

Like I said, you evaded my togglebuilds, i.e. leaving when you got your build turned off so you could grief again.

Anyway, I’m glad this is settled I guess.