So i was just looking at the staff list and im not sure if the dates are correct but, only like 12 out of 26 guards have gotten on recently. I myself being an everyday player notice that there is a significant increase in glitchers on the servers. Everyone that reads this should know how annoying glitching is. When we attempt to votekick them we do not get enough votes because their team doesnt care enough to get rid of them. I’m not sure of this but a guy said that holding space when u die and spawning a floor above the spawn isn’t glitching, i personally believe that that is DEFINITLY glitching. Its an unfair advantage, i see the guards posting on the forum but i never see many while playing the game. this disturbs me because there are many guards but to few get on daily to deal with the increasing number of glitchers/hackers that are populating the servers now. (just something that i’ve noticed, that i as a player am concerned about.)

I’ll give you the breakdown of the reasons why (what I think):

  1. We have busy lives.
  2. Most of everybody is sad that we have less than 3 weeks to play 0.75.
  3. Everybody is on the MC server.

If you see someone glitching, the easiest way is The IRC channel, tell them the name / ID of the person, the server, and the reason. If nobody responds, take a video using FRAPS or Bandicam or something and upload it and show them later.

White are you admin? If your not how are you not? I see your on the IRC all the time lol?

Nope, I’m not an admin, just a guy who likes to idle on the IRC. Lol.

Im surpirsed your not admin! but o’well this game is pretty much fucked im unbanned but I haven’t played every since I got banned…

I understand that people have lives but theres a difference between having a life and just not playing the game. Just saying AEM not trying to put you or any other guard down or anything. All i was saying is that around half the guards havent got on since september or early october. Being a guard isn’t only a title it has responsibility to. (and white guy when i get on the IRC it’ll only let me on for like a minute and 30 seconds then kicks me off so i can’t use that very effectively.)

BTW: AEM you get on quite frequently, I have no qualms about you.

Wow. I wouldn’t say that to myself. I actually balance MC and AoS, but we won’t be having issues with hackers in 3 weeks sadly.

true, but wont still run .75 or will they “upgrade” with the rest of the community?

implying the rest of the community will upgrade

Also true.

I get on for a cumulative 3 hours a day. (well, not everyday, somedays im only on for like an hour and a half, but i get on everyday.)

Right now the accept/decline/promote system is stagnant since we’re missing people to man it.
I think that it’s wrong as well, let’s see if I can get things running again…

Yeah, we don’t have the normal person to officially approve applications right now.

However, what with the game changing drastically soon and a expected majority of the gamebase not going to playing on aloha servers anymore, do we really need new guards? I guess we could add them just to have them, I like people lol

Well you can still run private servers right? So idk if you’ll lose the majority of your players. Is it possible to get the best of both worlds and move 70% of your servers to 1.0 but leave 30% on .75 for the retro players?

I don’t think you understand, in 1.0, private servers aren’t gonna be supported. It’s gonna be 100% Jagex.

Thats exactly what i was thinking but i was gonna ask anyway.