Group of Troll kickers

I have recently played and have noticed some people has started ganging up on a random person with their troll kicks. They have once accused me of random things and started saying YES and a blink of an eye. It gets really annoying for you and other people because you can just be accused of aimbot when you just have 30% accuracy and a ratio of 5. Someone needs to come up with a solution for troll votekicks because it’s getting out of hand. Because of this I am worried everytime I go into server since someone tries to votekick me everyday. I also won’t have any chance of trusted password because I have history of glitching and getting permabanned, so there needs to be an immediate solution for me and people like me.

that happened to me, too. I was accused of hacking because of the purposes of servers and power ups. In infiltration i was accused because every time blue scores i get 10 points. In FFAX,block power, intel irpg i get accused of hacking. Also many people say i’m a noob WHEN I WAS PLAYING NORMAL!!!I can’t go for trusted because i’m trying to go for guard. Which will take awhile. :-\

I saw a group/clan votekicking a person who used a gun because they said that it was spades only at that time but a guard or an admin came and beat the shit out of them told them that votekicking a person for that reason is bad. He also made it so that they could not start votekicks. Just report them to a guard in the IRC and I’m sure someone will go and take care of the situation

I mean it’s hard to report them because if they gang up on you, you get kicked in less than 15 seconds, which happened to me.

Votekick abusers is almost worse then aimbotters because, obviously, people get banned for 30 minutes. Its also very easy to deal with and generally most proof you need are logs, so if we fail to notice votekick abuse you go to that link ^ and try to get someones attention and we will take care of the situation.

Umm… jsyk, a ratio of 5.00 is pretty high! If you normally get higher than that you must be a VERY good player!

Yeah, if you come into the IRC and tell us about it, someone will come deal with it no probs. VK abuse is a pain in the ass, believe me bro I know that pain. Trust me though somebody is always around in the IRC to deal with your problems so make a note of the address.