Grounds for expulsion? BlancoHM98

It turns out that a few hours ago I enter a babel server and tells me that I forbid you to go ! Nose which is the reason for expulsion because I never used hack uh … I played always legally and never cheated !
A few days ago I pass myself a friend to me to rise in the ranking of aloha because I do not have much time to play and now I’m suspicious of him because maybe he was the one who hack use for that reason now to change my password that no more ! I want you to get me expelled because I had a hard time doing all my kills and because of a false friend prohibited play servers , I want you to know that whenever I played legally … sorry for not knowing English , use the translator , Greetings ! BlancoHM98 :slight_smile:

I am the one who banned you. Other guards have banned you too.

I don’t know if it was your friend. You should speak with him first, before replying here.

After that, you may revise your statement. I don’t care if you hacked or he hacked, but this cannot be resolved until I get someone to admit to it.

oye porfavor llena el documento que se te pide para poder llevar acabo esta apelacion te pedire que leeas y contestes esto.

I am the admin who just banned you for hacking on Tower of Bable (July 4th around 4pm gmt). Since you were hacking and evading your ban your appeal is denied. Please stay off our servers.